Fictional Characters Who Deserve a Cup of Hot Cocoa

Posted by Jamie Canaves

Hot cocoa may not be able to heal the world or fix its problems, but it is delicious enough to be momentarily comforting. (Pro hot chocolate tip: try dark chocolate hot cocoa with a churro for stirring—the sugar from the churro sweetens it just enough and is even more tasty soaked with chocolate.)

We're offering hot cocoa to these fictional characters who deserve a bit (or a ton) of cocoa comfort.


Exiled to a cruel penal planet for being non-compliant has earned all the ladies in Bitch Planet sports coolers filled with hot cocoa and trucks filled with marshmallows. 


In Stephen King’s MiseryPaul Sheldon earned himself a few cups of cocoa after being kidnapped. Once the axe/sledgehammer came out, we gave him the Lifetime of Cocoa Spiked with Bourbon award. (Which should totally be a real thing.)


Ginny Baker doesn’t get to spend much time celebrating her achievement as the first woman in Major League Baseball. She’s too busy training harder than everyone else while fighting the weight of being assigned role model. Add in all the drama going on around her and that's a ton to handle. We’re exhausted thinking about it, so we’re giving Ginny a day to relax, put her feet up, and enjoy sipping on some hot cocoa.


The fish in The Cat in the Hat deserves a cup of cocoa for that headache of a day. He was the equivalent of being the sober person surrounded by obnoxious drunks. Luckily he didn’t have to clean up the mess at the end, but he’s certainly going to be feeling those heart palpitations forever.


Of course Jane Villanueva deserves hot cocoa. But then we started thinking about the rest of the characters. They’ve all been put through the ringer and deserve a nice cup of cocoa as soon as temps dip below 75 in Miami. Except for Rose, Magda, and Anezka. NO COCOA FOR YOU!


We get teary-eyed just thinking about the scene where Atreyu and his horse, Artax, are in the Swamp of Sadness. Let's  give Atreyu enough hot cocoa to fill the swamp and rename it the Swamp of Happiness and Marshmallows. Someone call Willy Wonka, STAT!


Which fictional characters would you gift a nice cup of hot cocoa to this season?