Fictional Characters That Doctor Who Should Totally Meet

Posted by Jo Pincushion

Doctor Who is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary season. During those tumultuous 50 years The Doctor has come in contact with a number of great characters. Not only does he have an impressive array of companions, but he also comes in contact with historic and fictional characters. He’s met Sherlock Holmes and fought alongside Blackbeard. There is no limit to the Doctor Who universe. Now that Matt Smith is gone and Peter Capaldi has taken the reins (literally) we think The Doctor should run into a few other fictional heroes.

Harry Potter: Imagine it. It’s a normal day at Hogwarts in a post Voldemort world. The students are making their way to their classes when all of the sudden—BOOM! A Dalek bursts through the academy walls yelling, “Exterminate!” The young wizards attempt to fight the Dalek hoard but the campus is surrounded!

The Doctor is called to rescue the legendary school, but not before he picks up an aging Harry Potter. Harry gladly picks up his wand once more to defend Hogwarts a second time.

Tony Stark: Stark Industries has created an electromagnetic pulse that knocks out any enemy technology on the battlefield. Tony Stark is excited to introduce this to the United State’s army, but his meeting is cut short when The Slitheen Family burst into the room.

Tony escapes, but the intergalactic criminal family begins infiltrating the United States’ government. In their hands the EMP’s power is extremely dangerous. They have increased the weapon’s power and now the entire planet’s power source is in danger. Iron Man can only do so much, but when he teams up with The Doctor they’re unstoppable!

Tyrion Lannister: If there is one person that is as clever as The Doctor it’s definitely Tyrion Lannister. When The Doctor needs help leading an army of allies against the fierce ego of the Time Lords whom does he go to? Tyrion Lannister.

The Doctor recruits Tyrion to compose a stellar battle plan that will defeat the Time Lords. Tyrion relishes in the fact that he has made a powerful intergalactic friend and agrees to the mission. Is Tyrion Lannister smart enough to outsmart a Time Lord army? Oh! Imagine all of the “it’s bigger on the inside” jokes!

Lisbeth Salander: The Doctor’s companion is trapped in an evil CSS code that’s programmed by The Master. The Doctor tries to hack into the system, but he can’t possibly hack into it alone. “There’s only one person on planet Earth smart enough break Time Lord code!” The Doctor screams as he runs around the TARDIS’ control board.

He lands in Switzerland, and recruits Lisbeth Salander to bust through the firewall. Can they outsmart The Master and save The Doctor’s beloved companion?

Those are just a few ideas we have. Steven Moffat can thank us later for these. We’ll be waiting by our phones. Let’s not stop at this post! What are your suggestions? Comment with your best Doctor Who/fictional character scenario! Maybe we’ll write another post featuring the best ones.