Fictional Characters’ Favorite Junk Foods

Posted by Jill Effron

It’s summer, the season of junk food: funnel cakes, ice cream, French fries, etc. Which is ironic, especially if you worked so hard all year for the unattainable bikini season. Do you think your favorite fictional characters thought twice about their favorite junk food interfering with beach body season? Probably not. While we're beating the summer heat, we imagined what their favorite junk foods might be.


Bridget Jones: Ice Cream

The quintessential breakup food belongs to the quintessential breakup queen: Bridget Jones. We know Bridge was not shy when it came to gorging on ice cream (or other junk foods) to numb the emotional pain she was dealt from the men in her life.



Holden Caulfield: Pancakes at 2 am

Pancakes are a breakfast food, but if eaten after 11 am, they become a junk food. And Holden Caulfield is that guy who would eat a stack of buttermilk pancakes,at a diner at 2 am. He wouldn’t splurge for the fancy blueberry or sweetness of chocolate chips. He’s too cool to stray from the norm when it comes to pancakes.



Scout Finch: Pie for Days!

Can’t you see Scout Finch, tomboy extraordinare, just sitting on her porch with a tin full of pie in one hand and a fork in another? No need for ice cream or whipped cream. Straight out of the pie tin is this girl’s jam. Any flavor will do. And she is definitely not afraid to share her pie with anyone. Doesn’t matter social or ethnic background, if you have a fork, you get a bite. She's good like that.



Elizabeth Bennet: Crumpets and Clotted Cream

Is like cake and whipped cream for the typical American. But Elizabeth Bennet definitely downed these suckers with lots of cream when no one was looking. Her figure and personality would suggest otherwise. However, with her strength, there had to be a weakness. And her weakness was not men and love and who she should marry—it was crumpets with clotted cream. Pretty sure when left alone with this scrumptious dessert, she wasn’t so lady-like. And that’s okay.



Sherlock Holmes: Chips

It’s not a mystery what Sherlock Holmes ate when he wasn’t solving crimes—chips! (French fries to the rest of us.) You know what this sleuth probably liked so much about them? The challenge of wiping his hands thoroughly so he didn’t leave fingerprints wherever he went. Look closely at his cloak and surely you will see the faint streaks of grease. It would be quite embarrassing if his greasy fingerprints were left at the scene of the crime. Wouldn’t that be a twist?

Jill Effron

Jill Effron

Jill Effron is a writer of Facebook status updates and blogs. Before that, she spent over ten years working in every genre of television. Outside of the TV world, Effron wrote, directed and produced plays and award-winning short films.