Famous Men with Cats Pairings

Posted by David Winnick

We hear all the time about the special bond men have with their dogs, but what about men and their cats? With Keanu set to premiere this Friday, we're excited to watch Key and Peele attempt to rescue their pet cat from a local gang. And it seems that in general, men will do almost anything for their feline friends—here are some other famous examples:

Mowgli and Bagheera (The Jungle Book)

In Rudyard Kipling’s novel, The Jungle Book, the lead human character, a young boy named Mowgli is protected by a giant black panther, Bagheera. One of the most ferocious creatures in all of the jungle, Bagheera is only ever truly challenged by the evil tiger Shere Kahn. Bagheera passes on many of his skills and much of his knowledge to Mowgli throughout the course of the novel. He even reveals a secret to the man cub, that he was once imprisoned in a zoo. 


Garfield and Jon Arbuckle (Garfield)

Poor Jon, he has perhaps one of the worst cats in the history of cats. Garfield is slovenly, gluttonous and simply rude at almost all times. Where Jon tries his best to hold up his end of the pet/owner relationship, his orange tabby cat is simply awful. Then of course, who are we to judge. Deep down inside, it seems that Garfield does have his master’s best interest in mind, as he attempts to help Jon in his search for a love interest. 


Harvey Swick, Blue Cat, Clue Cat and Stew Cat (The Thief of Always)

Clive Barker is best known for his terrifying adult novels and films, but that never stopped the master of horror from venturing into the realm of children’s fiction from time to time. In The Thief of Always, a young boy named Harvey Swick is taken away from his parents to a magical place called Holiday House. It is there that Swick is provided with everything he could ever possibly want by the bizarre Mr. Hood. During his adventures, Harvey is often accompanied by three cats Blue Cat, Clue Cat and Stew Cat who are familiars of the dreaded Holiday House.  


The Will and Lying Cat (Saga)

Being a bounty hunter is hard work, especially in a world of aliens and sci-fi insanity. The Will is just a man. He has no particular powers or extra strength the only thing that he has is his desire to get his hands on whoever he has been sent to find. Fortunately, he isn’t alone in his adventures. By his side his faithful feline companion, Lying Cat. The furry friend has one incredible skill which is the ability to tell if someone is lying. When things get a bit on the sticky side Lying Cat is ready to let the Will know by hissing one simple word, “lying.”  


The Narrator and Pluto (The Black Cat)

In the short story “The Black Cat” by Edgar Allan Poe, Pluto the cat becomes the eventual undoing of The Narrator. Initially the two have a very good relationship, but over time their relationship sours. The cat bites Narrator who in turn gouges out its eye. By the end of the story, The Narrator accidently kills his wife while attempting to take out the cat. He walls the wife up to hide her from the police but is given away when the cat begins screeching from behind the wall. This story is strong tale about the negative effects of animal abuse. 


Adrian Veidt and Bubastis (Watchmen)

The villain of Watchmen is a master of genetics. Adrian fashions himself some sort of man turned god and his lynx Bubastis is walking proof of his skills. The strange cat functions as both a friend and a protector to Veidt. While Veidt kills literally millions of people in the process of unfurling his evil plan, it is when he kills Bubastis toward the end of the book that is the most shocking of his actions. Poor kitty.