Exclusive! World Record Egg Moonlights as Book Cover Model

Posted by Quirk Books Staff

Photo by Monserrat Soldú from Pexels

Celebrities from Amanda Seyfried to Matt Bomer have started their careers on the covers of books, but did you know that the greatest celebrity of all time was also a book cover model? Yes, that’s right. The world-record-breaking Instagram Egg also had humble beginnings modeling for books, and we’ve rounded up some of our favorite moments from The Egg’s illustrious career.


Eggs by Jerry Spinelli

Everyone has to start somewhere, and this early foray into book cover modelling saw The Egg as one of the stars of Jerry Spinelli’s classic, Eggs.


Eggs by Michel Roux

Still part of an ensemble cast, it wasn’t long before The Egg started to branch out into more serious work, here starring on the cover of Michel Roux’s Eggs.


Egg by Michael Ruhlman

And here The Egg began expanding its oeuvre, showing an unexpected versatility as the lead cover model on Michael Ruhlman’s Egg.


The Fresh Egg Cookbook by Jennifer Thompson

After Egg, The Egg landed its biggest role yet. Literally.



All About EGGS by Rachel Khong and the editors of Lucky Peach

The Egg’s next work was more on the avant garde side, with an surprising—and slightly questionable—appearance on the cover of All About EGGS.


What’s next for The Egg, now that it has achieved Internet-breaking infamy? Who can say. But we hope that it will continue gracing the covers of our books for a long time to come.