Dress Your Kid Like: Scott Schuman

Posted by Kim-Thao Nguyen

When it comes to kids clothes, it can be hard to assemble a polished look that can withstand a youngster’s energy. But if there’s anyone who knows how to merge fashion and utility, it’s style photographer and blogger Scott Schuman.

Known best for his street photography blog, The Sartorialist, this newly minted book author also manages to pull off a laid-back personal style but with classic, international flare.

Inspired by his trademark photographer’s cargo jacket and fitted gentleman’s pants, we’ve put together an outfit for a fancy toddler with an early eye for fashion.

Black Cargo Jacket, 77Kids, on sale now for $19.99

Several pockets are essential for storing easy-to-lose gear, like lens caps, CF cards, batteries, GI Joes, LEGOs, ABC gum…

Monet Blue Polo, Old Navy, $9.94

If he’s not killin’ it in a sharp tailored suit, you can find Schuman sporting a crisp blue oxford shirt and slacks. For kids, we suggest a cotton polo instead, for more wiggle room.

Colored Khakis, , Gap $29.95

It’s always important to have a comfy pair of pants when you’re out shooting cool stuff all day. As a budding style photographer, blend in with the fashionistas with relaxed colored slacks.

Boat Shoes, Target, $19.99

Boat shoes for under $20? Need we say we more?

Toy Camera, Romp, $32

Schuman loves timeless looks, so instead of arming your youngster with expensive hardware, top the look off with this polished wooden toy camera by Romp for a truly classic look.

Scott Schuman photo credits: