Different Watsons in Pop Culture

Posted by Sandra Woolf

[TV still from Sherlock, BBC]

When it comes to great side kicks in literature, it’s a no brainer that Dr. Watson takes the cake. Without this perceptive gentleman, Sherlock Holmes would be at a loss. Here are our favorite Watsons in pop culture.


[Movie still from Sherlock Holmes, Warner Bros]

Jude Law

When it comes to film adaptations of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous work, we consider Guy Ritchie’s to be top notch. Sure, Robert Downey Jr. plays a pretty convincing Sherlock, but Jude Law steals the show as Dr. Watson. This handsome Doctor is good with a sword and is a crack shot! Here’s hoping we see him again for a third film in the series.


[TV still from Elementary, CBS]

Lucy Liu

It may have been controversial for a woman to play the role of Watson on TV, but fans quickly fell in love with Liu’s performance as Dr. Watson. Elementary is set in modern day New York with Dr. Joan Watson assisting a recovering Holmes. Joan is a skilled surgeon who keeps the erratic Sherlock grounded. She’s also not afraid to kick some butt!


[TV still from Star Trek: The Next Generation, Paramount Pictures]

LeVar Burton

Definitely the oddest Watson on this list, LeVar Burton portrayed the character during an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Simply titled, “Elementary, Dear Data,” La Forge and Data must stop a sentient computer program. The unlikely pair mange to solve the case and save the Enterprise from destruction. Trekkies to the rescue!


[TV still from Sherlock, BBC]

Martin Freeman

Benedict Cumberbatch may take all the glory as Sherlock in the new BBC adaption, but fans know it’s Martin Freeman who is the real star as Dr. Watson. Freeman does a fantastic job showing the complicated relationship between Watson and Sherlock. Witty and sarcastic, Freeman makes the modern Watson much more than a silly sidekick.


[TV still from Doctor Who, BBC]

Catrin Stewart

In the Doctor Who universe instead of Sherlock Holmes & Watson there is crime solving duo Madame Vastra and Jenny. Yes, one is an alien and the other is human, but that doesn’t stop the pair from saving the day. Jenny is no slack either, she knows hand to hand combat and is an expert swordswoman. This lovely pair are also the only married versions of Holmes and Watson.

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