Celebrating Free Comic Book Day

Posted by David Winnick

Via Message With A Bottle

Most people think of Cinco de Mayo as an adult holiday, but this year the powers that be at the comic book companies have made it a family day.

Every year for the past decade, summer has been kicked off in the comic book world by Free Comic Book Day. The event normally coincides with the release of the first major comic book movie of the summer season. This year that film is The Avengers which will open in theaters on Friday, May 4th. Free Comic Book Day is coordinated by Diamond Comics Distributors and involves all of the major and some of the independent comic book companies.

The best part about the event, is that it is a great day to spend as a family. Comic shops have a tendency to go all out for the day, many of them making it an event where artists and fans can come together and discuss their love for comics. Can you just go down to your local comic shop and pick up some free books, then split? Sure. There’s nothing stopping you from doing that.

But instead of just making it comic book hour, why not do what the title of the event recommends. Make a day of it. If you have kids, pack them up in the family car and take them down to your local shop. If not take your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, younger sibling or friends down to pick up some books. This event is the perfect time to bring people closer together by allowing them to share their passion for comics.

Once you are done getting your free comics, linger in the store for a while and help others who are unfamiliar with comics, pick out some other things to read. Don’t just take your comics and run, support your local shop. Then when you’re done, why not head to the theater and pick up some movie tickets for The Avengers. While you’re waiting in line, you can read your new comics. After the film is done, head out to dinner or some coffee for some lively discussion. Swap your comics with each other so that everyone gets a chance to read the stories so kindly provided to you by the publishers. Or you could have a nice evening in watching your favorite superhero flicks while drinking hot chocolate and reading comics.

Personally, I can’t think of a better way to spend my Cinco de Mayo, then with my family and friends making it a true Comic Book Day.

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