Celebrate George Orwell’s Birthday With the Drink of 1984

Posted by Chris Schultz

Photo by Jason Ilagan

To commemorate Orwell’s big 109, you may find yourself determined to shoot a rampaging elephant. Or challenge Big Brother with your thoughtcrimes. Or even brush up on your doublethink. But at the end of your day, you can celebrate Orwell and the proletariat spirit with this drink in featured in 1984.

Much as Orwell favored the economy of words in his Politics of the English Language, this drink rejects the bells and whistles of bourgeois cocktails, incorporating nothing but the essentials. Bottoms up!

Big Brother

Serves 1


4 oz. Gin, Preferably Victory brand, if available.


Serve in a china mug; garnish with a tattered (Victory) cigarette and that ration of chocolate you’ve been saving for a special occasion.

Not a fan of gin? Celebrate instead with Orwell’s version of a cup of tea.