Celebrate Fall with Six Book-Inspired Beers!

Posted by Blair Thornburgh

Complex tastes, diehard fans, and cultish obsession with new releases: it's no surprise craft beer and literature go together like, well, writers and alcoholism. Quench your thirst for bookish brews with these five flavors…

An Ale of Two Cities: Whether you're celebrating the best of times or drowning the sorrow of the worst, this full-bodied beer will quench your thirst for Revolution. With bitter notes of social upheaval set against the long-fermented yeast of aristocratic privilege, this is a beer with more character(s) than you can keep track of. For the authentic Dickensian drinking experience, six packs are serialized one bottle at a time.

Rye and Punishmalt: Heavy, dry, and imbued with far-reaching moral implications, this robust beer is so classic that you'd be embarrassed to admit you never finished it. The spicy edge of rye battles sweeter malt flavors just as violence and mercy contend for dominance in the conflicted being that is man. Best chased with a shot of vodka.

Hops on Pop: SAD BAD. Feel sad and bad?
UP CUP! Cup is up.
SIP SIP! Have a sip.
HERE, BEER! Beer is here.

Along Came a Cider: First in a seemingly endless series of forensic-science-themed alcoholic beverages, this crisp and tasty blend of fermented juice goes down easy as can be. With a time-tested formula of select fruits and flavors, it's a drink that's as thrillingly familiar as it is consistently popular. Excellent for a day at the beach, a long airplane ride, or even waiting for jury duty!

Stout of Africa: Rich, lyrical, and complex, this beer pays homage to the coffee fields of Kenya with deep, roasted notes of mocha. Smooth barley and the slightly bitter aftertaste of this Imperial-style stout packs an unexpected wallop. 

Cherry Wheat Pray Love: This fruity and frothy drink will leave you positively intoxicated with the human potential for spiritual renewal. Italian notes of semolina blend with imported stone fruits from the far-off reaches of India and Indonesia—because truly refreshing insights can only come with an exotic pedigree. Great for book clubs, breakups, or just maintaining those post-yoga-class good vibes.


Blair Thornburgh

Blair Thornburgh

BLAIR THORNBURGH is a graduate of the University of Chicago, where she earned a B.A. in medieval studies and delivered a pretty good commencement speech. She lives in Philadelphia.