Celebrate Chocolate Day on Etsy With Willy Wonka Inspired Crafts

Posted by Megan Christopher

What better way to celebrate July 7th, Chocolate Day than a look at some of the sweet confections the Etsy marketplace has to offer?

Though chocolate itself is available in abundance on the site, we thought we’d shine a spotlight on the creations inspired by the number one Candy Man himself: Mr. Willy Wonka.

A number of sellers offer kits to make your very own Chocolate Factory birthday extravaganzas, but the only way to invite the guests is with their very own Golden Tickets. Serendipity Soiree also offers customizable Wonka Bar wrappers so the sugar high can begin before the party does.

But no party would be complete without a piñata, and what better shape than a Wonka Bar fit for WonkaVision. It won’t come through the TV, but it will deliver the goods. Available from the Pinata Queen.

For a look at Wonka’s other confections, this sweet charm bracelet from Karina Made This is just the thing. From Gobstoppers to Fun Dip and Nerds, all the delightfully weird sugary treats are within your grasp.

No trip to the factory would be complete without Mr. Wonka himself. Take the Candy Man home with this articulated paper doll from Ana Camamiel, and have your own chocolate-related adventures. Oompa loompas not included.

Of course once you make memories, you’ll need somewhere to keep them, like this vintage copy of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory that is also a picture frame from Eleven Trees Artistry. Display your favorite photo and still enjoy the story!

If you like visuals, take a look at this handpainted silk-screen image of the Wonka factory by Greg Pizzoli. All the experiments and delights the company have to offer on display in bright, whimsical colors. Includes the glass elevator making its escape through the roof of the factory.

After all, the story doesn’t end once Charlie wins the contest. Maybe you prefer Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator. Now you can show off that preference with a custom car tag from Eaton in red, white, or green that declares, ‘My Other Ride is a Wonkavator.’

However you decide to celebrate Chocolate Day, embrace the confection and those who make it. After all, “Who could hate or bare a grudge against a luscious bit of fudge?”

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