Bring Your Dog To Work Day: Meet Javier!

Posted by Mari Kraske

Today is Take Your Dog to Work Day! My beloved dog Javier made a visit to the Quirk headquarters to help out at the office (we are a pretty small operation after all). 

First, we tried on a few different ties the evening before to make sure he was properly attired for his big first day. The tie didn’t last so long but Javier was pretty enthusiastic to get to work.

So far he has organized books, run a few meetings, gave us a thorough Excel tutorial and has us working awfully hard for a summer Friday.

A bit of a backstory on Javier—he’s 4 and my husband and I adopted him late last year from the SPCA here in Philadelphia. We aren’t 100% sure what kind of dog he is (except the best) but we think he may be part Corgi, part Chihuahua and a tossup of Dachshund or Basenji. And apparently (which we all learned during his office visit) is a bit of a showoff.

I’m working on getting Javier full time employment here at Quirk.