We Are Here Forever

About the Book

It’s the most adorable apocalypse ever! Based on the popular webcomic, this all-new stand-alone comics collection artfully blends post-apocalyptic sci fi, dry humor, and utter adorability.

The human race has vanished replaced by innocent, playful, creatures called the Puramus. In this hilarious and epic graphic novel, short interlocking stories follow the purple pals as they explore their new home, form a mini-monarchy, and develop a modern society on par with 21st-century humans. A final act pulls us across time and space in the search for clues to the origins of the Puramus. Along the way, humor and intrigue abound: Can King defend his village when nobody understands what war is? Will Jingle work up the nerve to read her poetry at open mic night? Will Puffpuff ever stop floating?

Based on the webcomic, We Are Here Forever is for fans of post-apocalyptic sci fi blended with dry humor and undeniable adorableness. Colorful and cartoony art will have you rooting for these cute critters through their absurd adventures…but are they really as harmless as they seem?


“If this is your first time hearing about the Puramus, get ready to fall in love. The world Gish has crafted in We Are Here Forever is colorful, adorable and emotional.”—The Beat

“Let the secrets of We Are Here Forever beguile you if that’s what you want; the day-to-day exploits of the Puramaus are reason enough to get lost in this wonderful book.”—DoomRocket

“Strange and funny.”—GeekDad

“Shockingly wry and delightful post-apocalyptic adventure, highly recommended especially for connoisseurs of weird and wonderful stories.”—Midwest Book Review

“An interesting study of humanity from the perspective of peace-loving alien creatures.”—Shelf Awareness for Readers

“Bizarre and beautiful.”—Foreword Reviews

“Gish’s simple cartoon artwork is the perfect match for the peculiar humor and compellingly offsets the bleakness of the Puramus’ situation. Hand to fans of offbeat, thought-provoking absurdity.”—Booklist

“The absurdity of the humor stands independently in this light spin on postapocalyptic fiction.”—Publishers Weekly

About the Author

Michelle Gish

Author/illustrator Michelle Gish studied graphic design at Temple University’s Tyler School of Art. Her likes include crafts, marshmallows, and her cat Knives; dislikes include peanut butter and yelling.

Product Details

  • e-Book ISBN: 978-1-68369-121-1
  • Page Count: 224
  • Release Date: July 30, 2019