Stuff Every American Should Know

About the Book

A pocket-sized gift book packed with patriotic facts for ordinary Americans and history buffs alike.
This handbook is the perfect patriotic present for any engaged United States citizen. Who played the first game of baseball? What’s a bicameral congress? Where did Mount Rushmore come from? Who is Geronimo and why do we yell his name when we jump? Plus:

•  All about the Declaration of Independence
•  Ten Books Every American Should Read
•  Assassination Attempts on U.S. Presidents
•  The History of the Statue of Liberty
•  How to Bake the Perfect Apple Pie


“This slender little volume, compact enough to fit into most hip pockets, is nonetheless packed with a bounty of history, fun facts, essential information and fascinating trivia about what it means to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave.”—American Profile

“Stuff Every American Should Know is a very interesting introduction to U.S. history and fills in gaps in one’s knowledge. It entertains. It makes you proud and happy to be an American.”—Bookviews

About the Author

Denise Kiernan

DENISE KIERNAN is a journalist, author, ghost writer and producer.

Since way back in the dark, pre-interweb years of the 20th century, she has written about everything from soccer, food and wine to women's issues, math and atomic bombs. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Village Voice,  Ms., Wired, Discover, Reader's Digest and many other national publications for adults and children. She is an Educational Press Association award winner.

She is the author of the forthcoming book Girls of Atomic City (Touchstone/Simon & Schuster, 2013). Two of Denise's Quirk books with Joseph D'Agnese, Signing Their Lives Away and Signing Their Rights Away, both received starred reviews in School Library Journal. Their latest book for Quirk, Stuff Every American Should Know, is due out this June and will revolutionize Thanksgiving menus and Fourth of July trivia battles worldwide. She and Joe live in North Carolina.

You can visit her official website at, scope out what she's reading on her Goodreads page, and add her on Google+.

Joseph D’Agnese

JOSEPH D’AGNESE is journalist, author, and ghostwriter who has written for a number of publications such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Village Voice, Wired, and Discover. D’Agnese’s works have twice been included in the anthology Best American Science Writing. He’s the author of the children’s picture book Blockhead: The Life of Fibonacci, about the medieval mathematician associated with the famous number pattern found throughout nature.

Joe’s Quirk books with Denise Kiernan, Signing Their Lives Away and Signing Their Rights Away, have received starred reviews and raves from teachers, librarians and history buffs. He and Denise live in North Carolina. Their latest Quirk Book is Stuff Every American Should Know.

Visit Joe at or follow him on Twitter: @JosephDAgnese.

Product Details

  • Hardcover ISBN: 9781594745829
  • e-Book ISBN: 978-1-59474-583-6
  • Dimensions: 3½ x 5¾
  • Page Count: 144
  • Release Date: June 5, 2012