Beard Science: A DIY Celebration of Darwin’s Fabulous Facial Hair

Posted by Margaret Dunham

Image via Topsy Turvy

Darwin’s birthday is here, and it’s time we celebrated his other great accomplishment: a truly historic beard. A secondary sex characteristic in male humans, and a secondary magnum opus, Darwin achieved a beard that outstripped the facial hair of many of his peers.

Reportedly Darwin’s extensive pogonotrophy even helped earn him a coveted spot on currency; according to the BBC, the detailed curving and hatched lines of the beard make the design especially difficult to counterfeit. So there – beards making your £10 notes safer. Beards are also known to protect their wearers from a variety of environmental hazards, perhaps making the glamorously non-glabrous the fittest for survival! In celebration of Darwin’s ample whiskers, we’ve collected some of the greatest beard-related crafts the internet has to offer.

1. Yarn-crafted Beards
For the yarn-lovers, there are fabulous patterns for knit and crocheted beards. Check out the Knit-a-Beard pattern, or whip up Crochet Bobble Beards for the whole family!


2. Cross-Stitch Beard
A great beard is a work of art, but rarely gets a frame. Not so with Craftser user flamgirlant’s cross stitch beard!


3. Beer Can Beard
Beer looking like it could use some scruff? ArmsAndInk has the ideal solution: The "Beerd" Can Beard Cozy.


4.  Embroidered Beard
Show the world your love for all things beardy with this embroidered pillow from OhHoneyChild.


5. Woolly Beard
Want to rock the Darwin look yourself? Wool is the natural selection for a false beard with the cuddly-yet-austere look. Tikkido has wonderful photos to show you how!


6. Elastic & Fleece Beard
For a comfy beard you can slip on any time, WhileWearingHeels can show you how to make a fluffy beard that’s equipped with elastic to perfectly fit your noggin.


7. Elegant Beard-on-a-Stick
Looking for that beard-on-a-stick look? Try JustCallMeRyanne’s DIY: Santa Beard on a Stick; it’s good for so much more than a Santa beard!


8. Beard Necklace DIY
The Hunger Games’ Seneca Crane has some epic manscaping, and JacquieLongLegs can show you how to make it a statement necklace with Slate’s beard template.


9. Beard Bandana (Beardana?)
Pick up an instant beard with a Beard Bandana from AdageScreenPrinting!