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Six Books We’d Gift to a Guillermo del Toro Fan

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October and all things spooky are officially upon us. We imagine Guillermo del Toro exiting some gothic style home right now, donning Dracula’s cape and Dr. Caligari’s top hat. While fans of del Toro might be tempted to watch his films this October, might we suggest a few spooky reads instead?

Posted by Sandra Woolf

Video Games That Play Like Books and Movies

Do you ever need a break from reading? We know, reading is life. But every once in a while, we need a different form of entertainment. That’s why we came up with a list of video games that you can play that have great stories and fill more like books/movies than a console.

Posted by Sandra Woolf

Best Fictional Burgers Ranked

Burgers are one of life’s simple pleasures. Whether you cook yours with meat, or veggies, we can all agree that a good burger is hard to beat. We bet you enjoyed a burger over your Labor Day weekend, and since summer has come to an unofficial close, we decided to rank the BEST fictional burgers of all time!

Posted by Sandra Woolf

Surprising Glo-Ups in Literature and Pop Culture

Per the urban dictionary, a glo-up is a play on the phrase "grow up," when someone goes through a metaphorical transformation. This is reflected in the person’s new sense of self-confidence. And since being self-confident is seen as an attractive trait, those who glo-up are often seen as radiating beauty. So, who are these confident cuties? See our list of glo-ups below.

Posted by Sandra Woolf

Senior Citizens in Literature We Want to Grow Up to Be Like

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

They say with age comes wisdom, but what about all the other cool stuff? Yes, old people are cool. They play their own rules because who can reprimand them? They also tell the best stories, know interesting history, and most importantly they love to share what they’ve learned. So here are a few of our favorite seniors citizens we inspire to be like when we grow up.

Posted by Sandra Woolf

B-Rated Monsters with Surprising Charm

Sometimes in life in you just want to sit back and watch a really awful horror movie. One with grotesque looking monsters, TONS of fake blood, and silly jump scares. If this sounds appealing to you, then check out these B-rated monster flicks with some surprising charm.

Posted by Sandra Woolf