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The Best Books to Laze Around With

[Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash]

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As if a bookworm ever needed the excuse to laze around with a good read and nothing else to do, August 20th is National Lazy Day. That’s right. You aren’t just indulging a desire to curl up with a book. You are marking a very important celebration in self-care!

This August, pair your favorite way to while away the day with some incredible fiction and nonfiction reads, from introspective humor on life to lighthearted novels that will leave a smile on your face…a smile that will last long after you have to get up and back to the real world.

Posted by Rose Moore

Potato & Book Pairings for National Potato Day

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August 19th may be the official National Potato Day, but for anyone who appreciates the humble spud, any day is a day to celebrate. Deceptively simple, this little starch can be turned into just about anything—national dishes (like poutine), iconic snacks (like French fries), and even rich, creamy dishes that are essentially just a lot of cream, cheese, and butter masquerading as a "vegetable" side.

Versatile, beloved, and often the fastest and easiest way to create that warm fuzzy feeling, potatoes also have a whole lot in common with books. It may seem like a stretch only a shoestring could reach, but they are classic, comforting, and while not everyone loves every book (potato), there’s a potato (book) for everyone. So this August, combine a new read with a delicious snack, and celebrate the best of both!

Posted by Rose Moore

Full Moon and Charging Your Crystals

[Image by TessaMannonen from Pixabay]

This month, we are between two full moons in Aquarius—the first on July 23rd, and the second on August 22nd. Having two moons in the same sign back to back creates a powerful energetic space, and one that is perfect to take advantage of the energy of the water-bearer when cleansing and charging crystals. These moons are focused on collaborative energies, as well as the Aquarian strength to see things differently—and that is only doubled with two in a row!

Cleansing and charging may sound complicated, but it’s one of the simplest ways to work a little kitchen magic and takes nothing than moonlight and thought. (Although, as with all practices, there are plenty of ways to add elements on, if you feel called to.)

Posted by Rose Moore

Books by Comedians

Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

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Over the past year, stand up comedy has been in short supply, as the pandemic has shut down live shows and the laughs that go with them. This hasn’t stopped the comedy, of course. Some, like Darcy Michael, have grown huge followings on social media (he now has over a million followers on TikTok), while others have been busy creating unique, solo-filmed specials, like Bo Burnham’s Netflix hit Inside.

And of course, there are always comedy books and memoirs for fans of those comedians who haven’t been creating new content this year, or in some cases, who turned their talents to the page! Daniel Sloss, for instance, has spent much of the pandemic working on his upcoming book Everyone You Hate Is Going To Die (due for release later this year). From essays to memoirs to hilarious snippets of comedic life events, these books from some of the biggest names in comedy are sure to make anyone laugh.

Posted by Rose Moore

Books from the Dog’s POV for Take Your Dog to Work Day

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Dogs may be man’s best friend, but how would a canine companion be as an office colleague? On the 25th of June, it’s Take Your Dog to Work Day, so it’s the perfect time to find out…or just an excuse to give everyone a better Friday with some puppy love. After all, collectively, we absolutely adore dogs, whether it’s dog videos, the hilarity of Sad Dog Diary, or even The Oatmeal’s vital post about his dog, “The Paradox.”

In books and pop culture, dogs are usually noble, brave, loyal, loving, and often the heroes of their own stories. Despite this, a lot of those stories are still told from the human’s perspective, but for anyone looking for a way to get between the ears of their favorite furball, these books are definitely the way to go.

Posted by Rose Moore

Befriending Sea Monsters in Pop Culture

[Image by TenebrisCilva from Pixabay]

This month, Disney’s bright new summer movie hits streaming services—the Italian seaside story of Luca. This movie is a far cry from the classic stories of princesses dreaming for a prince to save them, and instead, is about two young sea monsters who want to explore human life on land. Of course, there are plenty of inspiring moments about friendship, trying new things, and learning about people who are different—and some very literal "fish out of water" gags!

Luca promises to be a charming addition to the Disney library, but it’s not the only movie that has seen humans befriending the things that go splash in the night.

Posted by Rose Moore