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Happy Holidays from Quirk HQ!

Look at this GIF. Now play the song. Now stare at the GIF for the duration of the song. Repeat until imbued with warm holiday cheer. 

From the bottom of our Quirky hearts, we hope you have a happy holiday full of good books and good people. Season's Readings! 


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Win The War on Christmas with Quirk’s Guide to Holiday Villains

If holiday movies, TV specials and folklore have taught us anything, it's that the forces of evil would like nothing better than to ruin Christmas for everyone. This year you can save Christmas from the likes of Krampus, Oogie Boogie, Scut Farkus, and other classic holiday wreckers. Just keep this identi-graphic close by so you know who you're up against.

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Season’s Readings: A Free #GiveABook Gifting Kit!

'Tis the season to give the gift of a good book! We at Quirk have put together a beautiful, free downloadable kit that covers all your book gifting needs—from bookish wrapping paper to bookmarks! Season's Readings!

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The Making Dough Challenge

It’s a no-brainer: dough recipe book release + holiday season = bake-off celebration! Russell van Kraayenburg’s Making Dough is all about demystifying baking. It claims that you can master all different kinds of pastry doughs if you know the ratios between five ingredients—flour, butter, water, sugar, and eggs.

Ten intrepid food bloggers have agreed to put Russell’s claim to the test, by taking up the mantle of the #MakingDough Challenge. We’ve given five bloggers the book’s biscuit dough recipe, and the pie dough recipe to five more. Their challenge: to take that dough recipe and make a pie/biscuits of their own.

Follow along for some holiday baking inspiration.

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Quirk HQ Looks Back At Their Kid Athlete Days

In honor of Kid Athletes going on sale today, we at Quirk HQ decided to power up a blast from the past. And while it took some digging, much cringing, and plenty of existential thoughts on lost youth, we are pleased to present these photos of our former kid athlete selves. Who knows what multi-million dollar deals and Wheaties endorsments awaited us had we not pursued the glamorous life of independent book publishing instead? 

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The 2015 Quirksgiving Challenge

Our favorite holiday of the year is just around the corner!  Sure, you've got Thanksgiving, if you're into that kind of thing. But we're talking, of course, about Quirksgiving!  This is the time of year when we thank you, Quirk Nation, by showering our top fans with free books and swag! Find out how you can redeem all the prizes in The 2015 Quirksgiving Challege 2015!

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