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Strangest Adaptations of The Nutcracker

When I picture the holiday season, there are several traditions that always come to mind, like decorating the Christmas tree, wrapping presents, and building snowmen. But the biggest of them is watching a performance of the ballet The Nutcracker. From the elaborate stage and prop design to the skilled dancing, it is difficult to not get whisked away into the magical world of fighting mice and the Sugar Plum Fairy.

Posted by KJ Hadjis

Twitter Rants From Literary Characters

What happens when these literary characters discover Twitter? Be warned, some of them are using this outlet to the extreme. Time to step away from your keyboards, folks. (Ahem, that means you, Scrooge.)

Posted by KJ Hadjis

Patronuses of Classic Literary Characters

Pottermore, the popular Harry Potter fan site where Potterheads can read exclusive content from J.K. Rowling herself, recently unveiled its official Patronus quiz. Need a refresher? The Patronus Charm is considered one of the most difficult defensive spells in the magical world. When used effectively, the witch or wizard will conjure an apparition in the form of an animal, which serves as a spirit guide and protection against Dementors. Now you can find out if you have an otter Patronus, like Hermione Granger, or perhaps something entirely new. Pretty awesome, right? We decided to have a little fun and assign some of our favorite classic literary characters their own spirt guides. Expecto Patronum!

Posted by KJ Hadjis