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Quirk Perks: Four Terror-ific Beach Reads

Take your summer reading to darker territories with the following titles, now 60% off on Nook until 8/10/2015!


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Quirk Perks: Christopher Walken A to Z

Christopher Walken A to Z by Robert Schnakenberg: $3.99!


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Quirk Perks: Stuff Every College Student Should Know

Stuff Every College Student Should Know by Blair Thornburgh: $3.99!


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August 2015 Book Giveaways

This month, you can win advance reader copies of our BIGGEST books going on sale later this fall, plus the latest installment of William Shakespeare's Star Wars,Tragedy of the Sith's Revenge. These are the giveaways you were looking for. 

Check out where you can request copies below. Giveaways will run until September 1. May Fortune smile upon you! 

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The Best Songs for the Worst Literary Breakups

Breakups can be the pit stains on the t-shirt of life, this we know. But for each heartache and heartbreak, there’s always solace to be found in a song that captures exactly how it feels to be kicked in the emotions. It’s the song that you play on repeat, belt out at karaoke after too many drinks, and feel each individual lyric like it was the truest thing ever said about love. So whether it’s your first (thank you, Usher) or your latest (thank you, Gotye), a cathartic break-up song now and again does wonders for the bruised of heart.

So we had to wonder…what are the perfect break-up songs for some of the more iconic romantic tragedies in literature? What should Heathcliff listen to as he weeps into his half-gallon of Breyer’s Heath Bar Ice Cream? (Because really, what other ice cream flavor would Heathcliff buy?)

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Highlights from Quirk’s #Twinning Party

Quirky Twin Powers Activate! Highlights from our July party, where the theme was #Twinning

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