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Quirk’s Holiday Flowchart: Find The Perfect Gift

No matter what holiday you celebrate, be it Christmas or Decemberween, we wanted to make sure you're ready, book-buyers.

We've put together a handy little flowchart to help you find the perfect Quirk book for that special reader in your life. 

Posted by Eric Smith

Quirksgiving: Find the Quirkey, Win Some Books!


Thanksgiving is this Thursday, and here at Quirk, we've been talking the books we're thankful for.

Our authors sounded off, including Linda Rodriguez McRobbie (Princesses Behaving Badly) on various books over the course of her life, and Grady Hendrix (Horrorstor) with a post on The Famous Monsters of Filmland's Star Wars Spectacular. Never heard of it? Check out his post. Quirk staff even chimed in, discussing The Forsyte Saga by John Galsworthy and Quiet by Susan Cain.

But you know what we're also thankful for? You guys! Stopping by to read our blog, following us on the ol' Twitter, picking up our books… we heart you. 

So to celebrate, we've hidden Rick Chillot's Quirkey (get it, it's like Quirk + Turkey, it came to him in a dream) around the website. Find him, and you'll find special Quirk Rafflecopters, where you can enter to win books. Here are some useful, and maybe a little too obvious, hints. 

Posted by Eric Smith

Three Simple Ways You Can Donate Books on Veteran’s Day

Veteran's Day holds a special place in my heart. My Dad's a veteran and my fiancee is a veteran who spends her days trying to help other veterans as a social worker. They are both amazing. 

Over the years, several of my closest hometown friends served overseas. I loved, LOVED sending them care packages whenever I could, and these boxes were always full of books.

Today is Veteran's Day, and while I don't know anyone serving abroad this year, there are many veterans in my life. And chances are, in yours too. I've rounded up some simple ways you can donate books today. Some of these are for sending books to soldiers far away, others might send books to a veteran at your local VA.

One even lets you send books to children of military members, through Reach Out and Read. Check them out. 

Posted by Eric Smith

Quirk Books Nominated in This Year’s Goodreads Choice Awards: Update, Now With 100% More Horrorstor

Update: Horrorstor has been added in the semi-final round! Thanks for voting it in, everyone! 

Ah, the Goodreads Choice Awards. I don't know about you guys, but I get pretty psyched for them every single year. I knew they would be opening up this morning, and I had a hard time sleeping, waking up and checking Twitter to see if they had gone live.

This year, Quirk has three FOUR titles nominated in the Goodreads Choice Awards, and we are absolutely thrilled. 

HORRORSTOR by Grady Hendrix is nominated in Best Horror of 2014.

WORLD OF TROUBLE by Ben H. Winters is nominated in Best Science Fiction of 2014.

WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE'S THE EMPIRE STRIKETH BACK by Ian Doescher is nominated in Best Humor of 2014

HOLLOW CITY by Ransom Riggs is nominated in Best Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction of 2014.

Go cast your votes! And congrats to Ben, Ransom, Grady, and Ian! 

Posted by Eric Smith

Quirk Perks: Get the Cookie Dough Lover’s Cookbook by Lindsay Landis for Only $3.99 All Of November!


Food blogger Lindsay Landis has invented the perfect cookie dough. It tastes great. It’s egg free (and thus safe to eat raw). You can whip it up in minutes. And, best of all, you can use it to make dozens of delicious cookie dough creations, from cakes, custards, and pies to candies, brownies, and even granola bars. Included are recipes for indulgent breakfasts (cookie dough doughnuts!), frozen treats (cookie dough Popsicles!), and outrageous snacks (cookie dough eggrolls! cookie dough fudge! cookie dough pizza!).

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Quirk Perks: Get The Secret Lives of the U.S. Presidents For Only $3.99 All of November!



Your high school history teachers never gave you a book like this one! Secret Lives of the U.S. Presidents features outrageous and uncensored profiles of the men in the White House-complete with hundreds of little-known, politically incorrect, and downright wacko facts. You’ll discover that:

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