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Sneak Peek: The Mystery Writers of America Cookbook

It's always an exciting moment when advances of a new book arrive at the ol' Quirk Books HQ. Yesterday several boxes of The Mystery Writers of America Cookbook arrived, and they looked so lovely that I just had to take a couple of pictures to show them off. I'm really psyched to be working with an author as awesome as Kate White (@katemwhite), and this book is just a great, great addition to the Quirk library.

When the book's editor, the fabulous Tiffany Hill (@TiffanyLHill), came down to check out the advances, I asked her what she loved about working on the book:

"This book was so much fun to work on. Over one hundred of the best crime writers out there, all Mystery Writers of America members, submitted their recipes for it. Some are things their characters eat, some are things they make when they turn in a manuscript or when they're focused on a deadline, and some are simply their favorites.

The best part is, all of the contributors are storytellers, and even though a recipe is a totally different medium from a full-length novel, they're still telling stories. You really get a taste of the worlds they create, whether it's a murderer or a dinner party around the corner. I literally laughed and cried the first time I read the manuscript and different recipes. And afterwards, I added a lot of books to my to-read list!"

Enjoy the sneak peek! The Mystery Writers of America Cookbook will be available March 24th. Bloggers! Media! Want to request a review copy? Email me ([email protected]), and I'll hook you up in 2015!

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Happy Holidays From Andrew Knapp & Momo

Last week, (now New York Times bestselling author!) Andrew Knapp visited The Creator Class for a very special festive photo shoot. Armed with his camera and his adorable best bud Momo, they staged this lovely photo shoot, just for you guys. 

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Happy Jane Austen Day: A Roundup of Our Favorite Posts + An Epic Giveaway!

Happy Jane Austen Day, everyone! Today marks the very first Jane Austen Day, thanks to the Jane Austen Centre. The bookish Internet is celebrating, and of course, so are we. Because here at Quirk, we're huge fans of Jane Austen, from our books to our blog posts.

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Happy Hanukkah From Wilhelm Staehle & Quirk Books!

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Ten Striking and Beautiful Tattoos Inspired by The Little Prince

Via The Little Prince

Just like the rest of the Internet, we're really excited about the film adaptation of The Little Prince. Have you seen the trailer yet? No? What's wrong with you. Please go take a look. We'll wait.

Okay? Good. Let's move on. 

One thing I love about the bookish community, is that we sure do love wearing our words on our sleeves. Like, literally. As tattoos. Last year, our friends at BookRiot rounded up all their awesome bookish tattoos, and this year, BuzzFeed's own Isaac Fitzgerald released an incredible book about ink, both literary and tattooed. 

So I can't help but wonder… will we see an increase in Little Prince inspired tattoos once the movie hits? I'm sure tattoo shops across the country had an influx of Lord of the Rings requests. I hope so. There's just so much to draw (and tattoo!) from. 

And there are already a lot of Little Prince tattoos out there, so we've rounded up some of our favorites. Take a look! 

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Giving Tuesday: Giving Back With Momo and Andrew Knapp

Earlier this year, we were really excited to publish Andrew Knapp's first book, Find Momo.

Can you blame us?  Find Momo is collection of beautiful photographs featuring Instagram sensation Momo, and that adorable border collie won the hearts of every single person in the Quirk HQ. Especially on his visits to the office. And we can't wait to publish Andrew's second book, Find Momo Coast to Coast, due out this May. 

When it comes to Andrew Knapp… well, we love the guy for a lot of reasons. His gorgeous photographs. All the times he's brought Momo to visit us. And the fact that he's really dedicated to supporting local businesses and charities. Particularly ones that help influence the lives and welfare of animals. 

That’s why on Giving Tuesday (December 2, 2014), Quirk Books is partnering with Powells.com in the United States to donate $1 per sale of Find Momo to Farm Sanctuary and with McNallyRobinson.com in Canada to support the Alberta Spay Neuter Task Force (ASNTF).

So, please help us spread the word today and share this promotion! Animal lovers and book lovers alike can participate in making the world a better place, one book at a time.

Posted by Eric Smith