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Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Book Expo America But Were Afraid to Ask

If you're an active bookternet-keteer, it has probably not escaped your notice that Book Expo America is this week. But what is this mysterious gathering of the publishers that everyone's been talking, tweeting, and tumbling about? Never fear! With this little beginner's guide, I will be the Virgil to your Dante and lower you into the seven circles of the book biz.

(Note: accuracy not guarnateed; I was writing most of this from memory). ONWARD!

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The Geek's Guide to Dating by Eric Smith for $3.99! 


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Learn to Bake Delicious, Boozy Sweets with Quirk author Krystina Castella on Craftsy.com

Fans of boozy-flavored cake: are you ready for more? Quirk author Krystina Castella is launching a class on Tipsy Cakes for Craftsy.com, based on her and Terry Lee Stone’s fabulous book Booze Cakes. The class paired with the Booze Cakes book is now the most comprehensive assemblage of technique and tested recipes on baking with alcohol out there. Check out what Krystina has to say, and how to get a discount on the class, after the jump!

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Treat Yo Shelf: Valentine’s Gifts for When Your Bae is Books

(Is that right? Did I use “bae” right, trendmongers and #coolteenz of the internet? Please LMK!!)

Being in love is grand! The initial infatuation, the late nights together, the way the pages whisper when you turn them…really, the best long-term relationship in life is the one you have with books. 

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to treat the special ~tome-one~ in your life to some stylish bookish accessories. Whether it’s a new bookmark, a decadent slipcover, or a nifty ex libris plate to stake your claim, pick up a treat for your every BFFL (book-friend-for-life) this February 14. Need something shipped last minute? You can scope out the Quirk Zazzle store. 

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It’s National Handwriting Day! What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?

In this age of touch tablets and smart watches and phone cameras, National Handwriting Day might seem kind of quaint: oh yeah, that thing we used to do by gripping a writing implement tightly between our bony hand-extremities and scrawling out glyphs to our fellow humans.

But handwriting is here to stay! Thumb-typing is dandy, but paper is handy…er. (Face it: when it comes to jotting quick notes, something about thinly sliced dried tree pulp is just timeless and irresistible.) And whether it’s on a post-it, a grocery list, a cocktail napkins, or handsome leatherbound journal, the letters you shape and the way you shape them can reveal hidden facets of your personality.

Ready to unlock the secrets of your psyche? Write on:

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My Least Anticipated Reads of 2015

Wow, this book is…what's the opposite of riveting? Poorly-welded? (image via)

It’s a new year, which means readers everywhere are rejoicing: parties in the streets, ticker tape parades, bacchanals of bookishness about the fantastic new novels and nonfiction we finally get to get our sticky mitts on and read, read, read.

Which, great. Make all the lists you want. But you know what I’m really NOT looking forward to? All the stuff I’ll have to read, or read in desperation, or read in order to fulfill the prerogative of a needlessly complicated blackmail scheme. Here, therefore, are my LEAST anticipated reads of 2015.

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