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Come Clean: Which Famous Authors Do You Mix Up?

Who is who?! Which is which?!?!

Not to brag, but I would say I’m pretty good at reading. Like, I have finished entire books, sometimes in under a month. And I like to think that I’m decently acquainted with the literary canon (“Jane Eyre? She’s the one who wrote Pride and Prejudice, right?”).

But I have a secret shame: there are some authors I always, ALWAYS mix up. And I don’t think I’m the only one.

Posted by Blair Thornburgh

Best of 2014: What if Your Favorite Books Were Halloween Candy?

We're revisiting some of our favorite posts of 2014 while taking a break over the holidays. 

I love this post because it's SO DANG DELIGHTFUL. Seriously, we spent a week just bouncing around candy puns over email, and then Elissa made these amazing images, and then the internet loved it.

Game, set, match. Also: candy. — Blair (@ATallOrder)

Posted by Blair Thornburgh

Best of 2014: Five Slightly More Plausible Dystopias We’d Love to See in YA Novels

We're revisiting and reposting some of our favorite posts of the year!
My favorite blog post of 2014 is Five Slightly More Plausible Dystopias We'd Love to See in YA Novels. To me, this post epitomizes what the Quirk blog strives to offer our readers.  Something topical and original.  Smart and irreverent.  Editorially ambitious and visually compelling.  Just check out the reader response in the comments. 
Well done, Blair! – Brett (@BacontheBooks)

Posted by Blair Thornburgh

How to Be Awesome at Getting a Geeky Tattoo

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We at Quirk fully support getting tattoos of amazing things (just ask Eric about his epic Jules Verne tattoo). If you really, truly, ohmyGodIcan’tstopthinkingaboutit love something about your fandom (and you’re not afraid of needles,) a tattoo is the perfect way to wear your heart on (the skin beneath) your sleeve.

Posted by Blair Thornburgh

Can’t Wait for the next episode of Serial? Here Are 7 True-Crime Books You’ll Love

The genius of Serial, a new podcast from the creators of This American Life, is right in its name: instead of telling a whole story at once, each episode reveals a little more about the 1999 murder of high-school senior Hae Min Lee and the ex-boyfriend who committed—or maybe didn’t? or maybe did?!—the crime. Naturally, this gets hugely addictive hugely fast, and the week between new installments suddenly takes foooooreeeeever. Help pass the time with these sinister nonfiction picks.

Posted by Blair Thornburgh

What if Your Favorite Books Were Halloween Candy?

Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to…read?!? This year, instead of giving books to your Halloween visitors (because those get heavy!), fill your neighbor childrens' plastic pumpkins with one of these sweet book-inspired confections.

Posted by Blair Thornburgh