After Endgame: Retirement Plans for Avengers Characters

Posted by David Winnick

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

The end draws nigh. After a decade of action packed adventure, the Infinity Saga is coming to its conclusion this month with the release of Avengers: Endgame. It has been a long and winding road to the final battle between the original six Avengers and Thanos, the being who has been pulling the strings on the world’s greatest heroes, but after 22 movies, the time has finally come to bring a close to things. As the original Avengers prepare to pass the torch of Earth’s defenders, they are going to need an exit plan for what to do in their golden years. With that in mind, we at Quirk are offering up some post superhero life plans.  


Captain America – Politician

Steve Rogers is one of those characters who will never be able to relax and never be able to give up the good fight. While he may not be able to carry the shield into battle for the rest of his life, he certainly would never sit back and let America, the country he loves, lose its way. An instant front runner, Cap would move up the ranks from senator to president in just a few years. He already has great leadership skills and knows the consequences of war, which would make him one of the greatest Presidents in U.S. history.



Iron Man – Ecological Engineer

Stark has had more than enough battle. Suffering from PTSD after the very first time the Avengers encountered aliens, this second go round will break him of all desire to jump into an Iron Man suit and go off to battle. After this last adventure, Stark will likely turn back to working on his arc reactor tech to spread across the world for free, safe energy. That would only be the beginning though, he would likely turn to making sure people had clean water and medical tech as well. Tony will bring peace in his time, but not the way he thought, with Ultron, but by providing all of the basic needs for the people of the world.



Hawkeye – Camp Counselor

With his ability to shoot arrows, and survival skills, there is nobody more qualified to be a camp counselor. In Age of Ultron, Clint was associated with a pastoral scene of family life. He seems to love children and also appears to be an excellent male role model. For the first time in his life, he will be given the chance to stand outside and just relax, passing on his skills to the next generation of archers.



Black Widow – Translator

While those who pay attention to entertainment news know that a Black Widow solo film is in the works, at some point the Russian spy is going to want to step back from her incredibly dangerous field work. Natasha Romanoff speaks multiple languages fluently and would be a fool not to turn that skill into some monetary gain. What better way to make her skills work for her than translating novels into English for a major publisher? A nice quiet room, a cup of tea, and some music would be perfect for a little post espionage relaxation.



Hulk/Bruce Banne r- Researcher/Warrior

Bruce Banner, in many ways, will have the hardest time getting away from being an Avenger. On Earth, he would be hunted relentlessly to be experimented on. In space though, by the side of his new best buddy, Thor, he would fit right in. Banner would have a blast, learning about new worlds, peoples and technology. Of course, at times Hulk would have to come out and play too. That means that when it was time to unleash the beast for a bit of exercise, he could be a warrior on the front lines of any necessary battle.   



Thor – King

The Asgardians are scattered to the winds, their planet has been destroyed and only a handful of them remain. It is finally time for Thor to take up the mantel he has been avoiding ever since the first Thor and become a king. Now that his time Avenging is done, he will go off with Banner and together, they will scour the edges of space looking for the rest of the Asgardians and finding a new home world. Long live the king.