Advice from Literary Characters for an Awesome 2016

Posted by Rose Moore

It’s the start of a brand new year, and for most of us, that means it’s time to start making some changes. While the most common resolutions might be to lose weight or save money, why not set some literature-inspired goals for yourself for 2016? Read more, smile more, be more confident or find a little extra kindness in your year. It may not help you fit into those skinny jeans, but it could make you a lot happier.

Here to help are some of the best quotes from fictional characters – even though they live only in our imaginations, that’s no reason not to turn to them for advice when it comes to keeping your resolutions.

Resolve To Be Kind


Resolve To Reach Your Goals


Resolve To Be True To Yourself


Resolve To Read More


Resolve To Be More Confident


Resolve To Find Your Inner Beauty


Resolve To Care Less What Others Think


The Most Important Resolution of All…

Finally, no matter what 2016 might throw at you, take the best piece of advice in the galaxy to heart: