A Love Letter to Writers and their Good Dogs

Posted by Danielle Mohlman

[Photo by Visually Us from Pexels]

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Our favorite hide-and-seek border collie is back today with Let’s Find Momo Outdoors! by Momo aficionado and pet parent Andrew Knapp. The fifth book in the Find Momo series just might be our favorite. (Shh! Don’t tell Find Momo Across Europe.) But we have too much love to focus on just one pup. Which is why we’re sharing some of our favorite authors and their adorable, very good dogs.


Nicole Chung and Peggy

We’re huge fans of Nicole Chung’s memoir All You Can Ever Know, but we’re even bigger fans of her beautiful dog Peggy. Chung and her family adopted a golden retriever during quarantine and in a Time essay earlier this year, she shared how grief fueled her family to become “the Dog People [they] were meant to be.” As it turns out, her children named Peggy and refused to budge, which is so incredibly adorable. We’ve been following Chung on Twitter ever since her memoir came out, and we absolutely love whenever Peggy pops up in our feed. We’re pretty sure that looking at Peggy adds years to your life, so…

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Anne Helen Petersen, Steve, and Peggy

We’ll read truly anything that Anne Helen Petersen writes. We loved Too Fat, Too Slutty, Too Loud, and we love every tweet she writes about her dogs Peggy and Steve. (Clearly, we love a dog named Peggy.) When she’s not writing about the Baylor influencer twins or the transformation of Waco post-Fixer Upper or a myriad of other topics, Petersen is pet parent to two gorgeous rescues living out their wide open spaces lives in Wyoming. Her partner Charlie Warzel even has a newsletter dedicated to these good dogs where he refers to Peggy and Steve as his best friends. It’s so incredibly wholesome and sweet. 

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Akilah Hughes and Fauci

If you listen to What A Day, you already know about Akilah Hughes’s adorable Jindo-Sapsali mix Dogtor Starfox Fauci. (Fauci to his friends.) The littlest and the youngest of all the dogs we’re meeting today, Fauci traveled from Korea to Los Angeles with his sister earlier this year to live with Hughes. He’s still settling in, but already he’s met his namesake and started his own Instagram account. We’re hoping that Fauci’s summer is filled with long afternoons reading by the pool. And if you’re looking for something to read, Fauch, we’ve heard that Obviously: Stories from My Timeline is really great. Maybe you’ve seen a copy or two lying around.

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Gideon Kidd and Cookie

If you’ve been following the Twitter account @IvePetThatDog, you might already know about 12-year-old author and dog lover Gideon Kidd and his trusty pup Cookie. Late last year, Quirk Books published Kidd and his mom Rachel Braunigan’s illustrated guide to meeting and befriending dogs – appropriately titled Pet That Dog! And while the pandemic has certainly slowed down IRL dog meetings, Kidd is passionate about the dogs he’s met along the way, especially those who are looking for a good home. Thank you for sharing your love of dogs with all of us, Gideon!

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