6 New Mystery & Thrillers We’re Dying to Read

Posted by Jamie Canaves

Thanks to our childhoods being filled with Clue and Murder, She Wrote if there’s a mystery to be read we’re all gimme, gimme hands. Here's our list of the 2016 mystery/thriller/suspense books that you’ll want on your TBR list.


The Girl in the Red Coat

If you’re looking for an alternating mother daughter POV thriller, try The Girl in the Red Coat by Kate Hamer

The alternating point of view chapters between Carmel (who's been abducted but is unaware of that fact) and her Mum (trying to find her and a way to continue with her life) made this a complete page turner for us, while also keeping us afraid to turn the page because of the constant fear of what might happen to Carmel and whether her Mum will ever find her… (Paperback–February 16th, Melville House)


Perfect Days

If you ever wondered what Norman Bates and Annie Wilkes child in book form would be like, try Perfect Days by Raphael Montes

It starts with Teo falling in love with and kidnapping Clarice because he’s certain that she’ll soon realize she loves him too. Everything after that is creepy, terrifying, or worse than the Misery sledgehammer/ax scene—*shudders*. You might want to make someone read this with you because you’re going to want to discuss it! (February 18, Penguin Press)



If you’re looking for an I-see-dead-people mystery: Afterlight by Rebecca Lim

Sophie’s had it beyond rough lately with her parents dying and having to change schools, so when Eve—a ghost!—appears and starts trying to force her into helping her poor Sophie is at her wits end. We loved Sophie’s tough, smart-ass character and that she lives above a family owned bar with her grandma. Bonus, it’s set in Melbourne so if you’re working your way through our Reading Challenge this one (and Betty Boo) is perfect for August—if you’ve never visited of course. (Paperback: April 12th, Text Publishing)


A Murder in Time

If a rogue FBI agent who accidently time travels to 1815 England where there’s a serial killer on the loose sounds interesting: A Murder in Time by Julie McElwain

Kendra Donovan is on a revenge mission the FBI knows nothing about when she accidentally finds herself transported to an English castle in 1815. Soon she’s posing as a maid and trying to stop a serial killer—no shortage of suspects or drama. Kendra’s constant forgetting about the differences between modern times and polite society and her refusal to act accordingly were awesome and hilarious! (April 15th, Pegasus)



If you’re looking for a unique horror/slasher/thriller where you might yell at the characters to tell them where the killer is: Security by Gina Wohlsdorf

A luxury hotel has staff working around the clock to ensure everything is perfect for their grand opening. What they’re not aware of is that there’s a killer stealthily moving amongst them picking them off, one by one. Mysteries galore: Who is the narrator? Who is the killer? Why is he killing the employees? When will the employees realize these murders are happening?… We may have looked over our shoulder more times than we care to admit while reading. (June 7th, Algonquin Books)


You Will Know Me

This is not a drill there is a new MEGAN ABBOT! MEGAN ABBOT! book. Now that we got that out of our systems: You Will Know Me by Megan Abbott

Tension! The high-stakes, obsessive world of gymnastics! A murder! Abbott is gifted in quietly building on a combination of every day and extraordinary, nestled on a base of raw human emotions and we couldn’t put this book down! (July 26th, Little Brown)