5 Unique Journals To Inspire Your Creativity In The New Year!

This year, don’t you think your imagination deserves a new, fresh, beautiful place to hold its creations? We’ve rounded up some of our favorite journals for a fresh start. Let’s get those creative juices flowing!

Evernote Notebook! What Witchcraft is This?

A smart moleskin journal? We think you'll agree you totally need this. Just take the journal with you everywhere, jot down your notes, and then scan them into Evernote right off the page. It's super easy, especially when the page is designed to help text recognition software. Learn more here.


Write Your Novel in a Novel

This is probably every bookworm's dream: to write their very own book inside of their favorite book. Be inspired by your favorite author while you become one yoruself. Each of the lines in this journal are created with the lines from the book! Learn more here


Write in the Sky

Full of fluffy white clouds, desert sunsets, lightning storms, and early morning sunbeams, this handy notebook transforms the sky into a canvas for notes, musings, drawings, and doodles. And with the same durable yet elegant flexibind cover as Quirk's successful Walls Notebook, this trusty journal can be carried anywhere. It's the perfect gift for artists, writers, diarists, and dreamers—anyone with their head in the clouds. Learn more here. 

Moleskine x LEGO x Coolness

ThinkGeek has lots of really cool stuff but did you know that they have journals? That you can build LEGOs on? Guys! LEGOs! Learn more here. 


The World is Your Notebook

If you’re looking for something handmade or personalized, Etsy is definitely the place to find it. While often a little pricer than the box store journals, sometimes you just can’t beat independent creations—like these beautiful atlas notebooks. Order one for when the travel bug inevitably hits. Learn more here.