5 More Campy Movies We Want to See Gender-Swapped

Posted by Eve Legato

The female version of Ghostbusters is hitting theaters this week, and we at Quirk are getting stoked. So stoked, in fact, that we’ve prolonged the thought experiment. What other campy movies would we flock to again, just to see the genders reversed?  Here are our top picks.


Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion

This movie is ripe for a bromance-style makeover. We want to see this surreal road trip movie starring a friend duo like Key and Peele having friend drama and claiming to have invented post-its. As long as they keep the dance number at the end.



We’re totally in it for the girl versions of Jay and Silent Bob (Abby and Ilana from Broad City come to mind), but also, we’d love to see a movie where two women don’t do much except talk and make people mad all day.


Bruce Almighty

Hang on—hear us out. How fun would it be to see a woman playing God (It worked for Dogma!) and another woman getting God-like powers? We could see Whoopi Houston or Wanda Sykes slaying in the God role, and maybe someone like Kristen Ritter as the Bruce character.



If the movie starred airhead teenage boys with hearts of gold instead of girls, would they seem more obnoxious? Or would we love them just the same? We think it depends on the casting (Ansel Elgort as the Cher-character, maybe?) but it would amazing to see the guy fashion trends of the late 90’s parodied, like absurdly baggy jeans and bleached hair.


Men in Black

Two words: Samira. Wiley. Think about it. She’s got Will Smith’s swagger. And we would absolutely pay to see her shooting fake cgi aliens, and delivering one-liners, and scoring with other, more buttoned-up people in black. 

Eve Legato

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