#15SecondShakespeare Meets Pop Sonnets!

Posted by Erik Didriksen

Over the last few days, Twitter has been alight with the hashtag #15SecondShakespeare, where actors recite song lyrics as if they were Elizabethan soliloquies. Not only are they hilarious, they're raising money and awareness for the Red Cross. Here are some of our favorite highlights — paired with a matching Pop Sonnets to take it one step further!

500 Miles by The Proclaimers


Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-a-Lot


Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) by Beyoncé


All About That Bass by Megan Trainor


What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction

Erik Didriksen

Erik Didriksen

ERIK DIDRIKSEN is a software engineer, musician, sonneteer, and trivia enthusiast. He lives in Astoria, New York. His book with Quirk, Pop Sonnets, goes on sale October 6, 2015.