15 Times Someecards Understood Our Bookish Hearts

Posted by Jamie Canaves

If we stopped to look at every funny post, meme, comic, or quote on our social media feeds we’d never get any work done and our butts would become one with the chair. But when they’re about books or reading, we can’t look away—like moths to a flame or bookworms to books. So here are 15 Someecards that understand our bookish loving hearts.

Not if we're zombies! 

Sorry if you waited up.  And by sorry, we mean not sorry. 

Put down the book – what a ridiculous thought.  

That's what she said.

On Wednesdays we use the same bookmarks. 

Say it again! 

Bring. Coffee. STAT! And another book. 

Does it still count as a bookend if it's on top of a pile of books on the floor?

Not completely accurate – we also buy books and discuss books.  

They're real, dammit! 

And we must outrun the zombies.

There's a Grey joke in here somewhere.

Leave the tissues. And the carton of ice cream. Now go. 

Thank you, Arthur, for teaching us that. (Now we'll be singing this for the rest of the day.)

It's called awesome!