Valentine’s Day: Don’t Buy Her Something, Write Her Something!

Posted by Jo Pincushion
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Oh no. It’s almost here! Valentine’s Day. It’s the Hallmark holiday that encourages you to spread romantic cheer throughout the land. Are you ready to shower your lover with romance? Having trouble figuring out what to get your significant other?
Fear not! Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be like Mission Impossible. In fact, it can be quite simple. There is no need to overthink or grandiose this holiday any more. Still, everyone loves to be a little romantic every now and then, and Valentine’s Day is the best day for that.
What better way to put in some genuine romantic effort than writing your partner something? If you’re a writer, use your talent to give your significant other something very special this year. Being the skilled wordsmith that you are– you could easily construct something that will make your partner swoon. Sure, you could buy them a teddy bear or a mediocre box of chocolates—but you can do better than that!
Here are a few fun options for you.

WRITE A POEM: A classic Valentine’s Day move. If you and your partner are a little more laid back, you should definitely go for a cute/funny poem. Feel free to construct a poem with a simple rhyming scheme that narrates the first time the two of you met. If you’re having writers block, use the “roses are red violets are blue” cliché to get yourself started. If poetry is your favorite form of creative expression—even better! Feel free to write a poem about how your partner makes you feel, why they make you happy, or even your plans for the future. The more intricate your poem is the better. You want them to find something new every time they read it.
WRITE A SHORT STORY: If you’re more of a storyteller, write a little short story about the moment you knew you fell in love with your partner. Make up a Valentine themed Science Fiction Adventure staring you and your partner. The possibilities are endless! To add that special touch, you could even have your little literary Valentine’s Day tale professionally printed into a book.
WRITE A LETTER: Of course, the simplest thing you can write for your Valentine is a traditional love letter. We live in a world filled with Instant Messages, E-mails, and Facebook Relationship statuses, yet we never find the time to sit and write a genuine love letter.
A classic love letter harkens back to the old days of romance and courtship. Make sure your love letter is written by hand! When you take the time to sit down and write your feelings it adds another level of romance. If you’re a girl, feel free to spray a bit of your perfume onto the letter. That way, your partner smells you when they open it. I know… I’m cheesy. Whatever.
So what are you waiting for? Stop walking down the isles of your local drug store looking for the biggest heart shaped box of candy. Sit at your desk and write your Valentine something special. It will be a Valentine’s Day gift they’ll never forget.