Today in Awesome Parenting: What Does Admiral Ackbar Say?

If you’ve ever doubted whether Star Wars, parenting, and roughhousing could intersect… doubt no more!

In this video clip we see one of the classic ways parents connect with their kids – by asking them what something or someone says; Johnny, what does the dog say? Lucy, what does the cat say? Here, Dad starts off with some slow pitches but then ramps up to his grand finale… asking his son, “What does Admiral Ackbar say?

His son responds with a joyful “It’s a trap (or a “fap” in kid language).” Then he runs over to his dad with open arms and bowls him over in utter happiness.


When I see these kind of interactions between parents and their kids, I think about the old movie Look Who’s Talking with John Travolta.  Maybe kids really are just playing along and answering our questions because in the end they know the good stuff will be there – roughhousing, rolling around, getting rowdy. Kids, perhaps better than adults, know what it means to be truly there with someone and how to show it!  And that’s something we can all take to the bank.