The Most Awesomely Bookish Halloween Costumes (According to Us)

Posted by Jamie Canaves

October is the month of pumpkin flavored everything, chocolate bars in the perfect bite size, reading horror books, watching scary movies, and most importantly, thinking hard about our Halloween costumes!

This may come as a shock, but we have an affinity for bookish Halloween costumes—you just can’t go wrong! So here are some of our all time favorite Halloween costumes inspired by literature that we’d give ALL the candy to. Well, all the candy we haven’t already eaten.

If you’re an ‘80s kid and love The Neverending Story, it’s impossible not to look at this costume with a) jealousy for not having thought of it and b) the need to shout Atreeeeeeyuuuuuuuu!

The Atreyu and Falcor costume gets 1 million mini-Nerds for originality and nostalgia. And Laurakenora gets another million for her awesome DIY version on Instructables

Let’s be realistic, this kid is going to smash that house in under 30 minutes or be complaining the entire night that she can’t move, BUT who cares – life is pain and it’s certainly worth it to have the greatest Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland costume.

And we say it earns 1 million mini-Twix. (Sorry, Mom, that house is gonna be covered in chocolate.)

Anything that can give adults the creeps, or force Joey Tribbiani to throw a book in the freezer, is perfect inspiration for a Halloween costume.

The Shining twins get a million Tootsie Roll Pops—maybe if they’re too busy trying to count how many licks it takes to get to the center they won’t invite anyone to play with them forever and ever


Jessie Pinkman Aaron Paul dressed as Max from Where the Wild Things Are reminds us how our favorite childhood books stay with us forever.

For cutie-patootie and book excitement we’re giving him a bag of Airheads—he’s got enough Breaking Bad money to buy his own candy store.


Saga has so many amazing characters (good and evil) that it’s perfect for Halloween costumes – and Cosplay, which is where we found these awesome ensembles.

Alana and Marko(s) get a million pumpkin candy corns.



For the DIYers:


If you Give a Mouse a Cookie is not only adorable, it’s perfect for couples, friends and family costumes, of all ages.  Bonus: you can make it yourself.

We’re giving this one a lifetime supply of cookies—the adorable mini kind of course.


While it doesn’t have step-by-step instructions, we think The Paperbag Princess is easily doable with a crown and paper bag. Also, yay for an environmentally friendly costume!

Are there gummies shaped like frogs? If so this Elizabeth gets a million!


And last but never least we have the Diction-Fairy—and a how-to—who is so many levels of awesomely-bookish she gets to choose her lifetime supply of candy.

Is there a literary character you’ve always wanted to be for Halloween?