The Health Benefits of Being Playful: Anthony DeBenedet @ TEDxEMU

Posted by Eric Smith

Dr. Anthony DeBenedet, author of The Art of Roughhousing, gave another TEDx talk (his last one was in September 2011) at Eastern Michigan University. This time around, he talks about the benefits of being playful.

Reclaiming play as a priority in our lives can transform and perhaps even heal us in powerful and unexpected ways. Unfortunately, from the moment we leave childhood, our inner sense of play is attacked. Whether it’s in our workplaces, schools, or homes, play is thwarted by a pervasive culture of seriousness and productivity.

But what if play is just as important as genetics or personal choices when it comes to health, quality of life, and longevity? Would we set different priorities? Through science and personal anecdotes, we will explore the play-health connection. And hopefully, in the process, reawaken the playful child that lives within all of us.

Give it a watch. Nice job, Anthony!


Eric Smith


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