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  • It’s no wonder that Pokemon is one of the biggest franchises in the gaming world (and the cartoon world, and the toy world): everyone wishes they could have an awesome fantasy pet that is easily transportable, extraordinarily useful, and comes with a few extra powers. What child wouldn’t want that? (For that matter, what adult would turn it down?)

    However, Pokemon are far from the only creatures in the world that would fulfill these requirements…at least to some degree. The world of literature is packed with creatures that would make for perfect real life pets, if only they existed.

  • The Good Place is coming to a close and to say we’re going to miss these characters would be an understatement. Before we bid farewell to Team Cockroach – while not so secretly hoping that Michael Schur has another great idea for a show up his sleeve – we’re sending each of our four favorite humans off with a list of book recommendations. It’s our hope that these books will serve them well in The Good Place. Because, ultimately, we’re hoping that they make it there. We’ll start things off with Jason Mendoza: a well-meaning idiot with cheekbones for days.

  • Thanksgiving is right around the corner and you know what that means. A long weekend filled with family and food. But after the Thursday afternoon festivities have wrapped and turkey for breakfast stops sounding like a great idea, you’ll be left wondering how to fill the time. Why not share your love of reading and bond over a new favorite television show all at the same time? It’s the gift that keeps on giving because you know your parents are going to want to hop into a group text and ask when The Handmaid’s Tale is coming back. Who knew a conversation about Gilead could be so much fun?

  • It’s National Philanthropy Day and while our bookish brains are automatically programmed to think about our loves First Book, a literary non-profit dedicated to providing books and quality education to young people in need, and Little Free Library, the non-profit behind all those bookish mailboxes in your neighborhood, we’re also thinking about the quirky philanthropists we see in pop culture. Philanthropists like Tahani Al-Jamil, who loves throwing parties for those in need, even in The Good Place. And Moira Rose from Schitt’s Creek, who’s always looking to lend her image to a cause – in the hopes that it will encourage a higher turnout at whatever her philanthropic cause du jour happens to be. So, let’s celebrate with our favorite fictional philanthropists. Maybe we can sway them toward some literary causes while we’re at it!

  • Everybody loves a good adaptation. It can be tough when there are so many movies and television shows being made out of fan favorite books, sometimes decisions are made that may not necessarily best serve the story. This was certainly the case with Philip Pullman’s Dark Materials Trilogy. That isn’t to say the 2007 film was no good, it just wasn’t quit the right adaptation fit for the story. To celebrate the release of the new HBO adaptation of His Dark Materials, we wanted to take a look at some stories which might have been better adapted as long form television series.

  • The new season of She-Ra is finally here and that means the Best Friends Squad is getting back together again!

    After the emotional events of season three, it’s a brave new world for the characters of She-Ra, as each takes on new responsibilities and challenges for season four. Judging by the trailer, there will be new characters, new adventures, and—gasp!—new haircuts.

    We hope they’ve had some time to read a book or two since the finale ended. Here’s what we recommend they pick up when they have some spare time:



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