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  • The LEGO Batman Movie, written by our own Seth Grahame-Smith, is in theaters tomorrow! You may recognize Seth from a little best seller called Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. To celebrate, Kristen from My Friends Are Fiction created a mashup of LEGO and the cover of PPZ. Now that's rad! 

  • [Movie still from The Lego Batman Movie, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Animation]

    With The LEGO Batman Movie hitting theatres this week, we started wondering what other books would thrive under this specific adaptation treatment. After all, Batman started as a book too. And we’d be willing to bet that when DC Comics introduced Batman as a character in 1939, the furthest thing from their mind was a reimagining of their superhero using the interlocking bricks Danish toymakers were experimenting with. (Yeah yeah. We’re a bunch of pop culture history nerds. What did you expect?) Without further ado, here are four books that we’d love to see get the LEGO movie treatment. 

  • [Image Credit: Comic Book Resources]

    Get ready for a new batch of the freshest bookish, geeky, and crafty links that the internet has to offer. This week you can join the adult coloring craze by transforming your Instagram feed into a customized book or practice yelling some fantastic literary quotes. Most importantly, make sure you have the best week ever.

  • Every bookworm has the same dream: an enormous personal library, shelves groaning with beautiful volumes, maybe a rolling ladder or two, and enough space for every book you could ever wish to own. 

    Instead, the average reader has a home filled with piles of novels, walls covered in shelves, and the frustration of never seeming to have enough space for all your acquisitions. It seems that within days of putting together a new shelving unit, it’s filled to bursting with books you didn’t even entirely realize that you had—and it’s time to head out to pick up yet another set of shelves!

  • (image credit: LEGO) 

    Seeing the new Doctor Who LEGO sets out in the world has set our minds afire with possbility. If only we could also see these dream LEGO sets in the market as well! 

  • Contest is Closed!

    Well Quirk fans, the holidays are here. And as we get ready to close up shop for the Winter, I'm going to run one giveaway a day up until we leave on break this Friday. So... welcome to Five Days of Quirkmas.

    First up? A whole bunch of Smarts Co. card games.

    Now, Quirk didn't make these cute games. We distributed them a few years ago, and we still have some around the office. Nicely packaged and cleverly designed, these quiz games dish out trivia on an array of subjects, and I've got copies of Sex Smarts, Wine Smarts, Baby Smarts, Paris Smarts, Chocolate Smarts and Coffee Smarts up for grabs. Each comes with 60 to 100 question and answer cards, a score pad, and a handy little guide on whatever topic the game covers.

    How can you enter to win one? Just leave a comment (feel free to mention which game you'd prefer) or tweet this post while mentioning @quirkbooks. I'll select ten of you at random at the end of the week. Be sure to leave your email address in the comments, or I won't be able to contact you.

    Check back tomorrow for another giveaway! Happy Holidays!


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