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  • [source: Mission: Impossible - Fallout, Skydance Media & Bad Robot Productions and Saving Mr. Banks, Walt Disney Pictures]

    We’ve all done it. A friend will mention their excitement about the Tom Hanks helmed Mr. Rogers movie that’s in preproduction and our mind immediately puts Tom Cruise in that signature cardigan. Or we read about the new Top Gun sequel and can’t picture anyone but America’s Dad playing the role. Today we’re putting our mental mixup to the test, imagining Tom Hanks in Tom Cruise roles – and vice versa.

  • [source: Warner Brothers]

    Saturday, July 7 is World Chocolate Day and we have cocoa and sugar on the brain. To celebrate this (totally valid, completely real) holiday, we’re looking back at some of our favorite chocoholics in pop culture – with a literary bent! Would you expect anything less?

  • [source: The Geffen Film Company]

    In the movie Beetlejuice, newly ghosted Barbara and Adam received the Handbook for the Recently Deceased, a guide for those beginning their post-livelihood. Little of the handbook is discussed in the film—Adam has trouble reading it, but then, he thinks the title is Handbook for the Recently Diseased. Goth teen Lydia has no problem paging through it, so the problem may be more with Adam than the book itself. Judge for yourself, with these excerpts:

  • [source: by Pexels on Pixabay]

    “Great beach reading for the summer!”

    “Be sure to toss this new title in your beach bag - next to the sunglasses and SPF 50!”

    “The perfect paperback for poolside sunbathing!”

    Ever feel like summer reading means you have to head to the beach and the rays to get your reading done?

  • [sourced: ABC]

    We’re five weeks into The Bachelorette and it’s anyone’s game. There are so many chiseled and coiffed men vying for Becca’s attention, it makes our heads spin. (Some would say too many men and we see you, Jordan. And we also see that villain edit you’re getting.) But in a world where everyone’s phones have been taken away and there’s a suspicious lack of food, what else is there to do but read? We took the time to come up with book recommendations for some of the more, um, memorable men in the mansion. Who knows. Maybe it’ll keep them occupied between group dates.

  • We love reimagining books as something else. (Have you read our Favorite Books as Halloween Candy posts?) For Record Store Day, we're reimagining books as some of the greatest albums out there.


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