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  • Prison’s hard, yo! Just ask the ladies of Orange is the New Black who deal with kitchen wars, psycho guards, religious extremism, baby-mama drama, love feuds, back stabbing, manipulation, the SHU… 

    Okay, so yes, they’re in prison for a reason and it’s supposed to be punishment but I think the prison library can do with some new books to keep these ladies sane—and teach a few of them a thing or two. So let’s smuggle in some books!—

    (Er… Dear NSA, what I meant was I’m going to legally donate to the OITNB prison library for season 3, premiering this Friday.)

  • Ah, Hannibal Lecter. No other fictional murderer has captured the collective unconsciousness quite like Thomas Harris’s culinarily-inclined mastermind. What is it about sleek, erudite monster that makes him so indelible? Four novels, five films and a television show might have destroyed another character, or at the least made him over-exposed. Only classic nightmare fodder such as Dracula and Frankenstein’s monster seem to exist in that same rarified air as Hannibal, where repeated use does nothing to fade their own personal brand of darkness.

    Part of Hannibal’s continued appeal must lie with the way Harris has chosen Hannibal’s antagonists. The women and men who go up against Hannibal Lechter are all formidable minds in their own right, and so Hannibal’s victories (and defeats) against them are always well-earned.

    So how might Hannibal fare against some of the greatest detectives in literary history?

  • "It's like geek heaven, you gotta check it out!" — anonymous guy on his phone at our BEA/Bookcon booth, who basically gave us the best endorsement ever. 

  • We’re really excited to be publishing Sam Maggs’s first book, The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy.  And not just because she appreciates the film Pacific Rim and understands when we say we have a “drift compatible” author / publisher relationship.

    Although that is certainly part of it.

  • image via Janet Cho

    As fans of television and books there are things we’ve become accustomed to: the common book-to-TV/film adaptation and, sadly, the common “ratings game” that puts any and all of our favorite television shows on the cancellation plank. So what happens when we reverse the first model and attach it to the second? Our beloved characters come back to life nestled safely between a book’s covers! 

    Here are 6 television shows that lived on as novels or comics, listed in order of cancelation date.

  • What if some of the greatest authors in the history of literature, all born this month, could celebrate their birthdays together? There's only one way to find out: SUPER AUTHOR BIRTHDAY FUN ACTION SQUAD!


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