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    We knew you were coming. So we baked you a sampler. 

    Welcome to the first Homemade Quirk sampler. Here, we’ve rounded up some of the best crafts and baked goods that Quirk Books has to offer. Tiny books from Microcrafts, cat portraits from Crafting with Cat Hair, mini homemade Pop Tarts from Tiny Food Party, bottled potions from Witch Craft, and a lot more! 

    So if you have special people on your list who appreciate cute and quirky items and edibles, use this guide to create one-of-a-kind presents that will show them just how well you know them and just how much you care.

    Just save the .PDF, and upload it to your favorite eReader. We've got the directions below. 

    Uploading a PDF to your Kindle: Connect your Kindle to your computer using the USB cable. You should see the Kindle pop up as an external drive. Open it, and copy the .PDF into the Documents folder. BAM. It'll appear as an item on your Home page. Done and done. 

    You can also email the file directly to your Kindle. For information on that process and how to find your device email, visit Amazon's official website

    Uploading a PDF to Your Nook: Uploading files to your Nook Tablet is easy. Connect your Nook to your computer. You'll see it as a removable drive. Copy and paste the PDF to the appropriate Nook folder. According to Barnes & Noble's official website, you should place PDFs in the Documents folder. The same thing applies to the Nook Color and Simple Touch

    You can also email the file to yourself, and open it on your Nook. Download and save the attachment when you open it on your Nook. 

    If you need more help, check out Barnes & Noble's Nook Support section for more information

    Uploading a PDF to Your Kobo: There are different steps involved in transfering over a .PDF onto a Kobo, depending on what model you have (Wireless, Original, eReader Touch). You can get a step by step breakdown over on the Kobo website.

    If you want to share your creations or are just looking for more original D.I.Y. projects, join us online! Follow Homemade Quirk on Twitter and check us out on Facebook, where we tweet and post our favorite recipes, crafts, and more! 

  • Most readers can build worlds in their minds from simply reading the words on a page. But, sometimes they are not so good a building practical things to store their volumes of words. Some readers know what a hammer is in theory and how it is used in the context of Thor, but they’ve never picked one up at the local hardware store.

    What do you do if you want that homemade touch to your bookshelf, but don’t know the difference between flat and phillips head screws? You turn to Etsy.

    Thankfully bookshelf creating experts can be found all over Etsy selling their wares. They range from the tiny and cute, to the massive and impractical. What makes it even better is that many of these helpful craftspeople can custom make your shelf to almost any dimension you want. Just not the 4th dimension, they haven’t figured that one out yet.

    Here’s a look at some of our favorite bookshelves you can buy on Etsy right now.

  • So Halloween is almost here.

    Busy parents everywhere are scrambling for costumes for their kids and attempting to convince them that yes, they can totally wear that costume from last year, no one is going to remember (NO OMG THEY TOTALLY WILL MOM AND DAD!). And chances are if you waited this long, all that's going to be left are hundreds of Angry Birds outfits. 

    Luckily, for the literary minded, there are plenty of DIY solutions for the crafty costume maker. Below, I've rounded up some of my favorites from around the ol' Internet. Enjoy! 

  • Welcome back to Freaky Friday, where we're dishing out some fun Halloween tips through the month.

    So far we've showed you how to make Witches Brew from Witch Craft and Pumpkin Cupcake Toppers from Craft-A-Day. Next up, we've got these adorable monster babies from Microcrafts by Alicia Kachmar, Margaret McGuire, and Katie Hatz

    We've included the tracing template below. Feel free to save it and print it out. Enjoy!

  • RAWR!

    Creepy Cute Crochet by Christen Haden is coming out in Germany on October 22nd, and we sure are excited. It's being published as Mini-Monster: 20 Amigurumi-Monster zum Selberhäkeln with Goldmann

    Though the best part about this news might just be the adorable photos we were sent. Claudia Bitz, an editor at Goldmann, and the folks at Random House Germany made a handful of amigurumi projects from the book, and sent some pictures over to us. 

    Check them out after the jump. 


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