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  • October is the month of pumpkin flavored everything, chocolate bars in the perfect bite size, reading horror books, watching scary movies, and most importantly, thinking hard about our Halloween costumes!

    This may come as a shock, but we have an affinity for bookish Halloween costumes—you just can’t go wrong! So here are some of our all time favorite Halloween costumes inspired by literature that we’d give ALL the candy to. Well, all the candy we haven’t already eaten.


    The bad news is that it’s Monday again. The good news is that we’ve rounded up some of the best bookish, geeky, and crafty links of the last week to help get you through your day. Whether you are looking for some sweet Harry Potter artwork, or obsessing over predictions for the new season of The Walking Dead, there’s sure to be something here to make your Monday a little brighter.

  • Witch Craft by Alicia Kachmar and Margaret McGuire: Only $3.99!


  • Gearing up for a visit from the pope? Get your home ready for the papal visitation with a tiny origami version of the pope’s tall, pointed hat: the mitre. The mitre (also spelled miter) is a formal headdress for high offices of the Roman Catholic Church, as well as some protestant sects. Bishops, cardinals and the pope are traditional wearers of the high pointy hat. Mitres can be plain but are more often ornate, with embroidery, beadwork, and even jewels adorning them. Fold a classic mitre with these simple instructions to celebrate Pope Francis’ visit!

  • It’s back-to-school season, and droves of students are heading to dorms around the world with books, school supplies, and living essentials to make their dorm rooms feel a little more like home. This month our How-to Tuesday posts will be all about how to use crafty projects to make over a dorm room – and all on a college student’s budget. 

    Privacy is a luxury worth protecting in your average dorm room; with scholastic and social demands filling up the calendar, taking time to curl up with a good book is essential. Give yourself an added layer of reading privacy with a simple DIY bed canopy you can design and hang yourself (without giving your RA a heart attack).

  • Here at Quirk, we’ve scoured the internet for the best bookish, geeky, and crafty links of the past week to help make your Monday a little brighter. Whether you desperately need a Star Wars inspired board game, or are dreaming about crafting a DIY backpack, we’ve got you covered.


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