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To Be Or Not To Be? Easy! Be!

Sit down, Ben. I’ve got some bad news for you.

I just looked at the Amazon page for The Last Policeman, and —

What? No no no. The bad news isn’t a one-star review. Are you kidding? A book by you? With that premise? What’s not to love? It’s just that —

Posted by Steve Hockensmith

How To Speak To Your Children About The Upcoming Destruction of Earth

Being a husband and a father, my attention immediately turns to my family. And, in a pre-apocalyptic world, I’d definitely focus on spending as much time with them as possible. I imagine that we’d pack up and find happiness in a warm, sunny location near the beach–a place we all love. Maybe a stop at Disney World–assuming it’s still in operation. (Surely nothing would be sadder than an abandoned Disney World–well, maybe the end of the world. But, I digress.)

Posted by Brett Cohen

What Would I Read If I Only Had Six Months Left To Live?

So the world is ending in six months. Damn. I guess I’ll never go to Paris; I guess I’ll never write that novel. There’s that list of books to read in the back of my mind though—the classics, the Must Have Read Before You Die titles. What would I read if I only had six months left to live?

Posted by Jennifer Adams