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Best Bookish Inventions

[Photo by Nong Vang on Unsplash]

In honor of National Inventors’ Day, a cheer to all inventors today! But especially to those who invented our most cherished bookish inventions. We see you, fellow book lovers! Because who else but bibliophiles would invent such items as stylish bookends, essential book darts, and even candles that smell like books!? The list is endless, but here’s our roundup of our favorite bookish inventions.

Posted by Sandra Woolf

A Meg Cabot Book for Every Reader

Photo by Element5 Digital from Pexels

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It’s Meg Cabot’s birthday today and we’re riding the waves of nostalgia. There’s an incredible wealth of young adult novels out today, spilling off bookstore and library shelves. So it might be hard to imagine a time when voracious teen readers had to scramble to find something new. Luckily, Meg Cabot had our back, giving us The Princess Diaries series and so much more. Today, we’re celebrating everything she’s given us by showcasing some of our favorite books.

Posted by Danielle Mohlman

Kiss a Ginger Day: Romances with Redheads

Image by Mohamed Chermiti from Pixabay

In literature, authors love to create flame-headed heroines, using this beautiful shade to suggest characters who are independent, different, fierce, and firey. From Pippi Longstocking to Ariel from The Little Mermaid, redheads in children's books are spunky and free-spirited, but in more adult fiction, red hair usually comes with a side helping of passion (because of course, anyone with flame-colored tresses must be afire with emotion, too!).

So for Kiss A Ginger Day, an annual celebration that sees redheads the world over celebrated (and dodging any unwanted smooches!), we’ve pulled together some of the best redheads in romance…whether you are looking for a YA love triangle with a supernatural twist, some superhero adventures, or a classic tale of star crossed lovers.

Posted by Rose Moore

Book Recs For A New Year, New You

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Another year is here, and for once, social media seems to have less of the usual resolutions and New Year, New Me posts. Perhaps 2020 has left everyone just a little unsure of what 2021 will bring, and a little apprehensive about the big plans that would usually be the theme each January.

However, no matter the unsurety of the new year, or the lack of big parties to celebrate, there’s still space to create something new and to make plans to better ourselves, even in smaller, more lockdown-friendly ways. Personal growth and introspection has become a theme, and with these reads, you’ll be able to carry that forward (and leave the rest of the year behind), and make 2021 an incredible year—no matter what that ends up looking like!

Posted by Rose Moore

Romance Novels to Read While You Wait for Bridgerton

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been counting down until the release of Bridgerton (aka Christmas day) since the release of that very steamy trailer. And sure, we have to wait just a little while longer. And yes, it will feel like an eternity. But there’s always an incredible romance novel or two – or five! – that you can read to make the wait just a little bit easier. Here are some of our favorites. 

Posted by Danielle Mohlman

Sweet as Cinnamon Fictional Characters

Photo by Lucie Liz from Pexels

What's better than a cinnamon roll? While we could go on and on about how much we love this sticky sweet dessert, we’d much rather talk about the other cinnamon rolls in our lives – the ones that are too good for this world, too pure. Yes, we’re talking about fictional characters. The very sweetest ones.

Posted by Danielle Mohlman