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Books to Pair with Your Thanksgiving Spread

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Thanksgiving is looking a little different this year, so we’re leaning all the way into that by pairing each of our favorite Thanksgiving staples with its perfect book counterpart. Ready for a bookish holiday season? So are we!

Posted by Danielle Mohlman

Medieval Reads to Fill 2020’s Ren Faire Hole

Photo by Dominik Krawczyk on Unsplash

Are you craving a chomp of an oversized turkey leg or a spoonful of an overpriced bread bowl? Do you miss the smell of leather goods, the sound of fake but endearing British accents, or the crunch of gravel and the crinkle of straw underfoot?

This year has left a gaping Ren Faire hole in our hearts, and now that the season is coming to an end, it’ll be another year until we’re given the chance to cheer on complete strangers in knightly armor. That is, honestly, unacceptable. To hold you off until next fall and to temporarily patch up that hole in your soul, we’ve compiled a list of some medieval reads (some set in the Middle Ages, some not).

Posted by Gabrielle Bujak

Books to Fill the Void Now That Supernatural is Over

After fifteen years, Supernatural has finally come to an end. Sam and Dean Winchester, having beaten death, the Devil, demons, angels, and monsters of all shapes and sizes, are now taking on God himself, and no one knows how these Wayward Sons will carry on. All any fan knows is that this is the end of the road for the show.

And with a show that has been on the air for a decade and a half, this ending is going to leave a serious void in most fans’ lives. Where are the lovers of monster-hunting and emotional turmoil going to go next? Thankfully, we’ve got the books to help wean everyone off the Winchesters, and bring them back to the (mercifully monster-free) real world.

Posted by Rose Moore

Famous Literary and Pop Culture Impostors

Screenshot from Among Us by author

The three-person team of indie game developer Innersloth brought veteran and new gamers around the world much needed social connection and good ol’ fun in the form of Among Us. This social deduction game follows a 4-10 person crew attempting to fix their spaceship while 1-3 impostors, assuming a crew member's form, sabotages the ship, picks the crew members off one by one, crawls through vents, and frames other members.

There are countless literary and pop culture characters who are too much of a hero to pull off the impostor look (and we love them for it), but what about the ones who would ace the impostor test? Scroll through for some characters who are already impostors in their own right.

NOTE: Some of these secret impostors are a bit spoilery, so to avoid ruining the show, book, etc., each section is labeled with the title of the work—not the name of the impostor character. So scan through and skip past any story you don’t want ruined.

Posted by Gabrielle Bujak

Celebrate The Crown Season 4 with Our Favorite Books about Royalty

The wait is finally over! The fourth season of The Crown is finally on Netflix. And while we fully expect to binge the season before the weekend is over, that won’t stop us from daydreaming about what seasons 5 and 6 will have in store. In the meantime, here are some of our favorite books about royalty.

Posted by Danielle Mohlman

Books That Make You Feel Like You’re in an Exhibit

Photo by Andrew Neel from Pexels

We would normally spend Go to An Art Museum Day celebrating our favorite museums across the country and around the world. And while there’s nothing normal about this year, one thing remains: our love of art. It may not be safe enough to spend the day museum hopping, but that doesn’t mean we can’t bring the museum to you! To celebrate this delightful holiday, we’ve gathered our favorite books that feel like museum exhibits – and for once you can touch the art!

Posted by Danielle Mohlman