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Like Strangers On a Crashing Plane: Six Important Words, One Tattooed Reminder

[Edt. Note: Last week, we spotted Patrick Fedo tweeting about his tattoo. A tattoo that features a line from Ben H. Winters' The Last Policeman. We invited him to blog about it. Thanks for sharing with us, Patrick!]
When I discovered The Last Policeman by Ben H. Winters, I was instantly hooked. A noir-style murder mystery set in the pre-apocalypse? Sign me up. A refreshing take on both story and setting. But as I continued to read the series, the question "What's the point in solving a murder when the world is ending?" slowly started to reveal the true allegory at the core of this trilogy.
By the end of the third book, bleak and gray as it is, we finally get to the root message of Detective Henry Palace and his nobleman's journey. Throughout the series, Palace was often chided for his persistence in his goals. But then I realized, we're all Hank Palace. We're doomed the same fate. The world is going to end and we only get one go 'round on this blue marble. And in the short time we have, we're here to give each other strength and love, as Winters writes, "like strangers on a crashing plane."
Those six words are so important. Not only do they sum up the point of the books, those words sum up the point of life. So I had to get them tattooed, as a constant reminder to love and give strength, because we're all on our own crashing plane.

Posted by Patrick Fedo

Ben H. Winters’ World of Trouble Book Tour!

Ben H. Winters is hitting the road and coming to a bookstore near you, on a book tour to promote World of Trouble, the final book in The Last Policeman trilogy. 

In addition to reading from the book, signing copies, and greeting fans, Ben is going to have some fun swag to dish out on tour. Including a special Hank Palace coffee blend. Seriously. It's from our World of Trouble pre-order campaign (have you pre-ordered yet?!) and he'll have a few bags on the road with him. 

Check out the dates below, and come say hi! 

Posted by Eric Smith

The Ben H. Winters World of Trouble Blog Tour!

Alas, Quirk fans. It's that time. We're saying goodbye to Hank Palace as Ben H. Winters' trilogy comes to close with World of Trouble. But, we've been trying our best to send him out in style. There's the pre-order campaign, a reverse blog tour on Ben's personal blog, an upcoming book tour, and the official blog tour for the book.
Man, that's a lot of tours in that sentence. Sorry.
Below, you can check out the dates and stops for Ben's blog tour, which kicks off today on The Book Smugglers. Be sure to bookmark these blogs, and keep an eye out for the posts! 

Posted by Eric Smith

How to be Awesome at Giving Book Recommendations In Four Simple Steps

Image via Tumblr

It can be really hard to get friends to want to read your favorite book. With these 4 steps, you’ll not only learn how to spin your favorite book, but also how to make genuine recommendations your friends will love!

Posted by Margaret Dunham

The World of Trouble Pre-order Campaign: Get Signed Bookplates, Limited Edition Prints, & More!

Next month World of Trouble, the final book in Ben H. Winters’ award winning Last Policeman trilogy, hits stores everywhere. We’ve all grown quite attached to Hank Palace here at the Quirk Books HQ, and while we’re all sad to see him go, we’re definitely sending him out with… well, do excuse the asteroid crash pun… out with a bang.

In addition to a fun blog tour (we’ll announce all the stops for that soon!), we’re launching a pre-order campaign for World of Trouble. Pre-order your copy, email us a photo of your receipt, and you’ll get all kinds of special VIP extras. You’ll also be entered into a giveaway to win an awesome H.P.S.K. (Hank Palace Survival Kit).

Read on to learn more about the special tiers you can unlock during the pre-order campaign. Not to be confused with tears, which we’re busy crying now that the trilogy is ending.

Posted by Eric Smith

Pick Up Countdown City by Ben H. Winters for $3.99 All Month!

You guys, World of Trouble is coming. The final installment in Ben H. Winters' award-winning trilogy is almost here, and we want you to be ready.

So all month long, you can pick up Countdown City, the second novel in The Last Policeman trilogy, for only $3.99 on your eReader.


Get caught up! Maya is on her way! 

Posted by Eric Smith