Some of the Greatest Love Stories In Comic Books

Posted by David Winnick

There are so many fantastic love stories in the world that it is hard to narrow them down to the very best. Comic books are no exception.

Love stories abound in the colorful pages of some of the most well known funny books. There is constant discussion of Clark and Lois, Cyclops and Jean Grey. Spider-Man and Mary Jane, but these are not the greatest tales of love in the world of comics, they are simply the most well known.

In order to find the greatest comic book love stories, it is necessary to look in some strange places.

Spawn (Al Simmons) and Wanda Simmons – Spawn: Al and Wanda were meant to be together. They loved each other and nothing would keep them apart, not even death. After being murdered during a covert operation, Al finds himself in Hell.
He enters into deal with one of the leaders of Hell, Malebolgia, to make his way back to earth and his one true love. Upon arrival, Al finds that years have passed. Wanda has remarried to Al’s best friend Terry Fitzgerald and the two have a young child, Cyan. Unable to give up on his love for Wanda, Al becomes the family’s personal protector, keeping them safe from things that go bump in the night.

Jesse Custer and Tulip O’Hare – Preacher: Jesse and Tulip cannot be kept apart. No matter how many times they get separated, they always seem to find each other. Even the might of an enraged God cannot keep Jesse from his one true love. Though their relationship has its ups and downs, they are a couple meant to be, a religious Bonnie and Clyde of sorts.

Katina “Katchoo” Choovanski and Francine Peters – Strangers in Paradise: Best friends since high school, Katchoo and Francine know that they cannot be without each other. This is an interesting love story in which the two vacillate between platonic friends and lovers. The important thing is that they always prove their love for each other, not just through words but through actions as well. So rarely are two people so inseparably intertwined.

Mina Murray and Mr. Hyde – The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The love story of Hyde and Murray may be the most bizarre on this list. Mr. Hyde is nothing more than a monster, a killer who feels only rage. It is impossibly to think that such a blood thirsty brute could ever feel any true emotions. But somewhere buried deep inside him is the capacity to love. Only Mina Murray could bring out his softer side.
Even Hyde is shocked by this turn of events, so much so that he rails against his feelings, “Miss Murray, though I am a beast, do not think that I am stupid. I know that I am hideous and hateful. I am not loved, nor ever hope to be. Nor am I fool enough to think that what I feel for you is love. But in this world, alone, I do not hate you… and alone in this world, you do not hate me. I… I would be grateful if you left me now. Go quickly, woman. Go before I break your jaw.” He tries valiantly to ignore his feelings, yet in the end, he sacrifices himself to save the woman he loves.
Kevin Keller and Clay Walker – Archie Comics: Kevin Keller and Clay Walker are an incredible couple. Kevin was the first ever openly gay citizen of Riverdale. He and his true love Clay just got married last year in Archie Comics. They were the first ever married gay couple in all of comics.
John Hartigan and Nancy Callahan – Sin City: The Yellow Bastard: Hartigan and Nancy had a long hard run of it. After saving Nancy from a pedophile, Hartigan finds himself the victim of a corrupt justice system. His actions cause him to spend over a decade in jail. While poor Hartigan is rotting in his cell, Nancy’s love for her savior only grows. When at last he is released, Hartigan goes straight to Nancy, bringing their enemies with them. Over time, Hartigan realizes that the only way to save her is to sacrifice his own life.
Silk Specter and Dr. Manhattan – Watchmen: Dr. Manhattan is nearly devoid of emotion. There is nothing that he does not see in terms of science. It is almost impossible to believe that he would have any attachment to any one person yet somehow the Silk Specter brings out the little piece of humanity in him. It is Manhattan’s love for Laurie which actually makes him come back to earth to save the human race from impending doom.
Bigby Wolf and Snow White – Fables: This is the perfect example of opposites attract. Bigby and Snow should not have any interest in each other. At the outset of Fables, the two are constantly butting heads. It is only when situations get sticky that the best qualities of the two characters begin to show. Bigby and Snow see these amazing traits and fall for each other. Over time, they become the power couple of all the fables. Even Beauty and the Beast cannot hold a candle to Bigby and Snow.
Yorick Brown and 355 – Y: The Last Man: Talk about a commodity, in a world where all of the men are dead but one, Yorick Brown is the ultimate most eligible bachelor. For years, he travels the globe looking for a way to save mankind with the help of trusted Culper Ring agent 355. Adversity and constant companionship brings the two unlikely lovers together. I will not spoil the end of Brian K. Vaughn and Pia Guerra’s master piece but if you haven’t read it yet, go out and start today.