Six Great Movies for Book Lovers

Posted by Maria Vicente

If you’re tired of reading black ink on a white page, or black pixels on a white screen, take a break and watch one of Quirk’s recommended movies for book lovers. We all need a break sometimes, but a break doesn’t mean you have to abandon your precious books.

DEAD POETS SOCIETY (1989): A film for those who appreciate the power of poetry. An inspirational movie about one man’s attempt to teach his students about the value of literature. Make sure some tissue is nearby.

MATILDA (1996): A film for library fanatics. Our protagonist, Matilda, escapes her troublesome life at home by exploring the world of books through her local library. It is this passion for stories that gives Matilda the courage to stand up to those who don’t treat her (or her school teacher) with the respect and care that she deserves.

SECRET WINDOW (2004): A film for the horror fan. The protagonist, played by Johnny Depp, goes into a spiral of insanity when his written stories become a little too life-like. A creepy thriller about one of the scariest of topics: writing a novel.

CAPOTE (2005): A film for the true crime connoisseur. Truman Capote’s research about a Kansas murder is given new life in this movie adaptation. The writer gets a little too involved with his work, developing an odd friendship with one the killers who is meant to be a character in his book.

MISS POTTER (2006): A film for lovers of children’s literature. This movie tells the behind-the-scenes story of Miss Potter’s struggle to have her book published in an industry largely dominated by men.

MIDNIGHT IN PARIS (2011): A film for fans of the modernist writers. The main character, played by Owen Wilson, travels back in time to hang out with the likes of Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Gertrude Stein during the glorious time in the 1920s when expatriate American writers inhabited Paris.


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