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Is it your kid who is scared of monsters under the bed, or is it you? Okay, sorry for asking. It's totally your kid (*wink*).

Follow these steps from The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Parenting to get rid of those no-good monsters once and for all.

1. Turn on the lights. Show your child that there are no monsters in the room.

2. Explain that you are making sure there will be no monsters in the future.

3. Spray infested areas with water. Monsters are afraid of water. Fill a spray bottle with water and lightly mist problem areas, including under the bed, around the door, and in the wardrobe.

4. Place sentries outside of wardrobes and by windows. Monsters will avoid friendly-looing stuffed animals, dolls, clowns, and puppets. Assemble a battalion of these around all likely points of entry.

5. Use the colour green. Many monsters are afraid of the colour green. Use a green nightlight or encourage your child to wear pyjamas with some green on them. A sticky plaster, washable tattoo, nail varnish, or a sticker with the colour green are also effective.

Be Aware

If you encounter monsters, kill them with kindness. Hugs are particularly lethal, as are compliments.

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