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They maybe small and quiet folk, but hobbits sure know how to throw a party! Since Bilbo and Frodo share a birthday, they like to have one giant bash, thrown by good ol’ Samwise. Don’t worry, Sam knows the key ingredients for throwing an epic hobbit party, so of course this shindig was a success.


The way to any hobbit’s heart is through their stomachs. That’s why any good party must have a large spread of food. No lembas bread here! When you consider that a hobbit can eat six meals a day, you'd better be prepared to feed an army.


What about dessert? Well, Sam has it covered…in frosting. Hobbits might scorn adventure, but they won’t say no to a piece of cake. This dragon cake will fill many a tummy and not try to eat the guests of honor!



All that eating and celebrating would make any hobbit thirsty. Beer is the drink of choice of course in Middle Earth. Sam will have many barrels on tap to hydrate the horde of party goers. They even come in pints!



After the food has been eaten, it’s time for festivities! Gandalf is famous for his firework display, and for his dear friend’s party, he doesn’t disappoint. The sky is filled with blasts of color and magical creations all night long. Just be sure to keep Merry and Pippin well away.



The last item on the party agenda is PRESENTS. What do you give two hobbits who love to read and go on long adventures? How about some elvish wine? Or maybe a new dwarven smoking pipe? As long as it’s not a ring, Sam is sure Frodo and Bilbo will enjoy it.

Quirk Tested. Reader Approved.

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Sandra Woolf

Sandra Woolf lives in the PNW where she haunts bookshops and library sales. Freelancer by day, horror movie lover by night. Writing inquires can go to what lovely books at gmail or just to ask her how her hairy is so bouncy.